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Meet the blogger behind the blog: Siyaam of Simply Siyaam

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It’s been a little while since I did a blogger interview and today’s one is a goodie. Siyaam Ally of Simply Siyaam is one of the 1st blogs I started following before I even started my own blog. She’s all about affordable fashion & she’s really gorgeous so she looks good in anything!

Siyaam, an attorney is based in Cape Town and fashion aside, her pics often make me feel homesick too!




532660_394409673975460_1753849439_nDress & Belt: M-Couture

Heels: Aldo

Head band: Accessorize

Q1: What inspired you to start your blog? Why a fashion blog?

I have been posting pictures on what I’m wearing, clothing that inspires me, celebrity style that I admire on Facebook for the longest time. I had never considered a Blog until a friend suggested to me and I decided to consider that platform.


Q2: Tell us a bit about you. Outside of the blog (& law!), who is Siyaam?

Bizarrely, I am actually quite an introvert in the sense that I enjoy a lot of my time alone, either reading books, scrapbooking or shopping by myself (which I prefer). I also very close to my family so I try to prioritize my free time to spend with them.


Q3: Forgive the cliché, but I’m keen to know. How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm, it’s always been very ladylike I’ll confess. I love skirts and dresses and feeling like a woman  so I’d say always elegant, groomed and feminine.


Q4: What one fact about you would people would be most surprised to know?

I think that they’d be surprised to know that I’m actually one tough cookie lol! As friendly and nice as I can be, I am no pushover and hardly ever stand for any nonsense 😉


Q5: I have to ask. Fashion. Law. Life. How do you manage to juggle & fit it all in?

It has been crazy but oh so worth it!! Luckily all three of the above are a constant in my everyday life. I schedule time for everything that is important to me and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to say no to things, events or people who I don’t really want to spend my time with.


Q6: You do more than blog – you started a SS shop & recently. How would you sum up what you do?

I wanted to provide my readers with a taste of my closet, which in some part is both trendy and everyday items at an affordable price. I choose a few items every month and sell them off my online store and so far the response has been great. It’s definitely something I intend to continue with and hopefully also expand.


Q7: What are your goals (for yourself, your blog & just in life in general)?

I want to get back into my fitness routine again so I need to make that a priority. For my Blog, this year I have decided to focus not so much on exposure or attending this or that event, but rather expanding my Shop and keeping my posts relatable and personal. I’m also mid-way through a Masters degree in International Law so I hope to finish that soon.


Q8: What’s the one question you get asked the most by readers?

I get asked very often about what skin care products I use.


Q9: What do you think the most common misconception is about fashion?

In my experience, I would say the most common misconception about fashion is that you need money to look stylish. I have dressed the same way from when I was a student living off pocket-money to a working woman now. You just need to know what suits your figure and keep your eyes peeled for bargains.


Q10: What’s the most recent fashion purchase that you made?

I purchased a pair of plain black denims from Zara over the weekend which I see myself wearing all through Winter!


Q 11: Simply Siyaam has recently celebrated its 1st birthday – what has been the most unexpected part of this journey so far?

Definitely the popularity of the Blog and coming runner-up in the SA Blog Awards 2012. So many opportunities have stemmed from that and I did not expect that within my first year of blogging.


Q12: You’ve had amazing success in a relatively short space of time (congrats!) – what do you attribute this to when there are so many fashion blogs around?

Thank You! I would hope that it’s because I try to keep my blog as real as possible. I take real photos of what I’m wearing day-to-day or on weekend and try not to post looks that are too ‘staged’. I also have always treated my readers with the greatest respect: I answer their mails, comments and tweets daily as I know they are the ones responsible for the growth of the blog.


Q13: If you had to give up your entire closet tomorrow & you could keep 3 items from your closet what would they be?

Well I love my new black jeans now, my trench coat and my LBD.


Q14: What’s next for Simply Siyaam – anything you can share that your readers can look forward to?

Hmm I have plans to start my own SimplySiyaam Clothing line soon which will feature classic, well made pieces in limited quantities. Watch this Space! 😉

You can catch up with Siyaam on her blog, Facebook or Twitter.


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