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How my fro survived the bush

Ok so before my recent camping expedition I hadn’t camped before. Not ever. My friends stopped inviting me years ago 🙂 My fro, like me, had lived a pretty pampered life till then. So as much as I wanted to “prepare” my fro, I wasn’t too sure what to expect…

The trip was only 4 days and 3 nights long so I really wasn’t stressed about it (from a hair perspective that is – I had bigger things to worry about like how on earth I was going to drive a 4×4!). I focused on treating my fro to loads of TLC in the run up to the trip (& again as soon I got back home) so that whatever it would endure over those 4 days wouldn’t take too much of a toll. I stepped up my usual regime a bit in the last week before I left by co washing & then  deep conditioning overnight (baggy method) with:

  • 7 nights before I left – my whipped shea butter mix (moisture)
  • 4 nights before I left – ORS Hair Mayo (protein) mixed with a bit of argon oil (moisture)
  • 1 night before I left (I did a wash/shampoo instead of a co wash) – warmed olive oil (moisture)

970198_577213468968676_778068753_nNot too sure which of the 4 days this was taken…

What I packed:

  • conditioner (travel sizes)
  • wide toothed comb (which I actually didn’t use)
  • a beret (I don’t do beanies) 🙂
  • a black bra strap (to pull hair up into a puff)
  • satin scarf (also great for keep my hard warm when I slept)

I did one co wash over the 4 days we were there. The other mornings I just wet my hair slightly over the basin and worked some conditioner in (which I left in) to help define some curls. At night it was pretty easy, I tied on the silk  scarf once I got into my tent for the evening & it pretty much stayed on. I don’t always wear a scarf religiously at home but on this trip I saw that it definitely preserved my curls & gave me less work to do in the mornings. I’ve now been wearing my scarf steadfastly since I got home!

What I hadn’t quite counted on:

  • irregular supply of water (it was pumped from a bore hole on the property)
  • lack of water pressure (there was a trickle most days)
  • unpredictable water temperature (there were 2 temperatures: scalding or cold)
  • there isn’t a lot of time to get done as our daily schedules were tight
  • shared resources – I don’t just mean the showers but space was tight in the bathrooms & there were 2 mirrors, I was always conscious of not hogging anything
  • extreme temperatures – the evenings actually weren’t so bad but the mornings were cruel & cold but warmed up well by the afternoon

How did my fro hold up?


Basically you have to be prepared to get down & get dirty


There was lot’s of exercise in the mix as well


Me panting. This was not my typical Saturday afternoon…

On a lighter note, we were all given branded peak caps on arrival & let’s just say that my hair & my head is now well past the size that a cap could ever fit. Trust me, I tried 🙂 Also, being out in the bush & stuff was all new so people would regularly come up to me and pick leaves, twigs etc. out of my fro that I was completely oblivious to 🙂

Another thing. A camp side fire is lovely to sit around in the evening but always left my hair smelling of smoke. I quickly learned to see which way the wind way blowing & made sure I sat on the opposite side of the fire so that I could still keep warm without needing to rinse the smoke from my hair every morning.

Overall I’m happy with the way my hair held up over the 4 days. My aim for the trip was not to have to think about my hair too much but also ensure that it didn’t suffer. When I got back home I shampooed and got right into deep conditioning again, much like above. Today it’s about 2 weeks since I’ve been back & my hair feeling healthy & strong.

The next leg of this trip is 21 days & that is another matter altogether. Of course I have started thinking about it and piling on the TLC, but I can’t quite wrap my head around 21 days of travel, never mind 21 days of camping. It needs to be easy & low maintenance, like I said I will have (even!) bigger things to think about!

Your ideas are so welcome needed!

Be kind to your hair!


PS I will not be blogging over this trip (I leave next week) as I won’t have internet access but be sure to follow me on Twitter (@wisaal), Instagram (wisaal) & Facebook (Wiscellaneous) for updates where I’ll be posting if I find any wi-fi 🙂

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