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Here’s what you’re doing this weekend: The #HalaalGoodsMarket is on!

So yeah, my timeline has been a food trap recently – y’all know I love to eat and a whole lot more of that’s about to go down! First off let me say that if halaal (which fyi translated, literally means permissable) isn’t something you’ve ever observed then you’ll never fully appreciate that sinking

Emma Anderson

I’ve not wanted to write this post for the longest time for fear of jinxing things. Emma’s doing good. More than good. She couldn’t be better actually. She’s chasing moths, biting me, running around the house at top speed crashing into things, killing birds & lizards, moaning to be let outside (or for a

So Emma’s not well…

I literally cannot think about anything else. It feels like I was just writing this post telling y’all that she’s been with us a year and she’s doing great and she’s cuter and naughtier than ever and and and… And a few weeks later in June, things started to change slowly. It wasn’t that

365 days of Emma

Today marks a year, 366 days actually since I brought Emma home and if I had to say what she’s brought into our lives everyday, its joy. I’ll save you all the gushing except to say she makes me look forward to coming home each day, makes me want to travel less (really!) and is

The only kind of bling I want!

Not going to lie you guys. When Shimansky got in touch I was already going “oooooh” in my head as soon as I saw their name in my inbox. Something you probably didn’t know about me – I don’t do costume jewellery. At all. It’s not even something that changed as I got older.

How I started my veggie garden

Time to get back to some proper posts! 🙂 Note this piece isn’t called “how to start a veggie garden” and for good reason. I just did my own thing, totally winged it & it mostly paid off. As it turns out, I’m a little better an gardening than keeping an orchid alive! We’re

Warsan Shire in Conversation with The Feminist Stokvel

“Give your daughters difficult names. Give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right.” ~ Warsan Shire Oh my God – when I read this for the first time

Photo Post: Addis Ababa (now with photos!)

Guys (for those of you who subscribe to new posts) I’m sorry for sending you another blooper this morning. I’d already written & scheduled the post but the pics were taking so damn long to upload  and it was after 11pm last night so I thought I had cancelled the scheduling & do it 1st

Emma Anderson

I’ve been holding out on you… When Sofia died, no one understood like the good folks at Cataholics. I went around often just to chat or play with the kittens. If I was really lucky & went in the afternoons I got to see a kid come in with their mom, excitement overflowing at the prospect of

Dear 17 year old me

Last week I finally picked up my new ID – some 4 years on. I have absolutely no attachment to my maiden surname. I can’t really trace it back in my family. It didn’t mean anything to me. At all. People would often ask me what it meant. Um, nothing. So many people asked me if it