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Natural Hair Talk – decoded!



I joined a very entertaining US-based group on Facebook called Natural Hair  (be warned, they talk lots of topics way outside of hair!) & saw this post via Kola Sparks  explaining the acronyms naturals like to use. Sometimes it feels like a language of its own & I find myself laughing because it’s so ridiculous!

Anyway, here goes. I’ve added some I thought of too so please so add any I’ve missed in the comments section below…

  • 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c etc. = curl types
  • 2nd Day Hair = hair that looks good enough the day after styling that it can just be misted with water or a little product.
  • ACV = apple cider vinegar
  • APL = arm pit length hair
  • AVG = aloe vera gel
  • Big chop – cutting all (usually relaxed) hair off to start growing natural hair
  • BSL = bra strap length
  • Braid-out = braid hair in sections, allow hair to dry, unbraid hair when fully dry and style
  • BSS = beauty supply store


  • CG = Curly Girl – hair regimen without the use cones or sulfates
  • Clarify = remove build-up from the hair via ACV, lemon juice, or shampooing
  • Clumping = strands of hair clumping together to form bigger, chunkier curls
  • CO = conditioner or “conditioner-only”, as in not using shampoo
  • CO wash = conditioner washing
  • Cones = silicones
  • Crunch = the hard, crunchy feeling left by some gels when they dry, which can sometimes be scrunched out
  • CW = co-wash – conditioner wash (no shampoo)
  • CWC = conditioner, wash, conditioner
  • CWR = cold water rinse
  • DC= deep conditioning
  • EL = ear length hair
  • EOs = essential oils
  • EVCO = extra virgin coconut oil
  • EVOO = extra virgin olive oil
  • FSG=flax seed gel


  • GHE = green house effect – use a plastic cap to stimulate the sebum in our scalps to moisturise the hair
  • JBCO = Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • LOC = moisturizing method used to help hair retain moisture. L – liquid (water), O – oil, C- cream 
  • MBL = mid back length hair
  • NG = new growth
  • NL = neck length hair
  • No poo = sulfate free shampoo/a regime that doesn’t involve shampooing.


  • Pineapple = gathering hair gently on top of head with a scrunchie or scarf to preserve curls for 2nd day hair
  • PJ = product junkie (addicted to trying the next new, possibly better hair product)
  • plop = method of wrapping wet hair in t-shirt / microfiber towel
  • Plop/plunk = method for putting your wet hair into a towel to encourage curls.
  • ‘poo = shampoo
  • Pre-Poo = pre-conditioning hair with oils or conditioner before to washing it
  • Protective style – a style that tucks away the ends of your own hair e.g. braids, a weave, a bun etc to promote growth/limit breakage


  • Regimen – your hair care routine


  • SAO = Sweet almond oil
  • Sealing =  after moisturising (conditioning) hair, typically using oils to seal the moisture into hair
  • Scrunch = gently squeezing/pushing hair upward from ends toward roots. Often used to apply product or to remove gel crunch (aka “scrunch the crunch”).
  • SheaM= Shea Moisture
  • Shrinkage = shortening of length due to curl tightness
  • SL = shoulder length
  • Slip = slipperiness of hair before detangling, using conditioners with a lot of slip can help detangle hair
  • TLBN = tailbone length
  • Transitioning – an alternative to the big chop. Growing out 2 textures…
  • TTO = tea tree oil
  • TWA = teeny-weeny afro
  • Twist-out = twist hair in sections, allow hair to dry, untwist hair when fully dry and style
  • WO = water only method
  • WSL = waist length hair

This list exhausts me just reading it! What have I missed?

Be kind to your hair!



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