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Lush’s Aqua Mirabilis (what a mouthful!?)

I recently told you about Lush’s Rub Rub Rub exfoliator (it’s a goodie!) & this inspired me to try out another one of their exfoliators, Aqua Mirabilis which translated loosely means water miracle/wonder.

Aqua Mirabilis

Looks a bit like the underside of a tennis biscuit hey? It’s about that size too…

Aqua Mirabilis fits nicely in your hand, is about 1cm thick & described by Lush as an “underwater massage bar”.


  • the smell & feel of the main ingredient, coco butter, described by Lush as “the food of Gods” (read more on the magic that is coco butter here)
  • the exfoliation itself comes from ground almonds (how divine?!) which reminded me of another favourite, the L’Occitane Almond Scrub but is so very different


  • coco butter aside, its packed with other good stuff like almond butter, sandalwood oil & rose
  • if your skin is normal (i.e. not dry like mine) you shouldn’t need to follow-up with a cream/lotion – its pretty packed with moisture


  • this bar washes away in a flash in the shower (the coco & almond butter melts as its activated by the heat of the water & your skin) & while I haven’t tried it in the bath I imagine it’s the same. I turned the shower off  & it was a bit better but still goes fast
  • I wish Lush sold square tins to store this in in between uses (they only sell oval ones) as it can get a bit messy after one use

No soap suds so if you’re OCD do wash up with your shower gel and then move onto this massage bar. On the exfoliation side, I’d say this is more medium but again, using less water will help if you want it more abrasive. Unfortunately, too much of it washes away too quickly & is down the drain without really getting much time on my skin. If you’re not careful, this can be done in 3 uses easily which is a little steep for me…

If I bought this again it would be as a splurge. Get it online for R105 per 95g bar.


Update: turns out Lush do have tins other than oval, I just couldn’t see it on the online store. I picked up 2 for square ones for R20 each & a round one for R15. Thanks Lush & my bad!



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