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How I lost my teeth & you don’t need to I Oral B Pro Expert review

When Oral B (aka the band most dentists trust) got in touch to ask if I’d be one of three bloggers to do their closed trial for an upcoming launch it couldn’t have been 5 minutes before I replied “hell yes!“.

I became a fan of the brand some 7/8 years ago when I was gifted their then top of range electric toothbrush. I wasn’t really moved. I mean, who gives a toothbrush as a gift albeit a fancy one? I knew from the 1st brush that it would be completely impossible to go back to manual. When time came for an upgrade last year I splurged & got us both the Triumph 5000  – honestly one of my favourite, favourite gadgets (overdue review out soon!).

But let me back track a bit. You need to understand why I have a bit of an oral obsession. When I was at primary school I had halitosis. It was bad. Kids wouldn’t talk to me. I was super self-conscious. And as you can imagine, very quiet. I knew it was a problem but I dare not speak to anyone about it. Instead I sneaked Fizzers (you know, those pink Beacon ones) in a hope that that would mask my bad breath, even if temporarily. Yup, utter disaster and in no time I lost all my front teeth & was just left just with my incisors. Not a great look, even in the 80’s…


And that lead to the above situation that I see constantly when I look bad at old photographs. I’d been “conditioned” over time not to smile for pictures even though I really wanted to. I’d purse my lips as hard as I could because my fangs just never photographed well.

But yeah when you know better, you do better & I vowed to take the very best care of the next set of teeth I got that was humanly possible. When I’m lazy, I remind myself of above story but for the most part I brush and floss religiously though I just cannot get myself to deal with the taste of mouth wash. I have definitely faltered as evidenced by several fillings, 2 root canals & 1 failed root canal  (the latter cost as much as a bond repayment – never ever again!).




When the launch was revealed to me, I thought it would be another brush but as I opened the box and laid my eyes on the Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste all I could think of was “yeah it’s about time, you had a paste!”. Research took over 5 decades to be able to effectively deliver against their claim of it being a “smart” toothpaste & the all round protection of the “dentists checklist” (i.e. cavities, gums, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening & breathe).

The magic ingredient here is stabilised stannous fluoride technology which Oral B says is “one of the most significant advancements in oral health since the introduction of regular fluoride, and one of the top 100 scientific inventions in the past 50 years”. But rather take it from the inventor himself…

I’ve already been using this premium paste for a little over month – in fact I probably squeezed the very last bit out this morning. Here’s what I thought…


  • This is the bottom line for me: I can say with certainty that Oral B Pro Expert leaves my mouth fresher for longer. I usually brush before breakfast (I do not understand how anyone brushes after?!) and usually by mid morning that minty fresh feeling I love is gone but this lasts well into the day. I like being able to delay that gross “fury” feeling on my teeth.


  • Consistency wise its more of a “gel” with granules in it which I like (my current brand has it which is a huge part of why I chose it)
  • The taste is very palatable – you’re going to like!
  • Practically speaking I like the fat cap (less chance of it going missing) & you can stand it on the cap, so what’s left runs down, making it easier to dispense as the tube runs out.


  • If there’s one thing I didn’t like it’s that it’s a bit goopy/runny vs. what I’m used to. You get used to pretty quickly – don’t leave the cap off or some may run out

Oral B Pro Expert is suitable for kids over 12 is already on shelves at selected Clicks at R34,99 . I’m looking forward to trying some of the other variants soon.



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