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Olay Regenerist’s – 3 point super cleansing system

This is an unexpected review for me. I was gifted the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System last month and as someone who used to use the brand (not Regenerist though, their Complete Care range – I was young then!) I was intrigued to see this addition to the Olay line up.


Of course the first thing I thought of seeing this was the Clarisonic whose launch was earlier in the month and will be available in SA later this year but let me say upfront I didn’t attend so I can’t fairly compare.

Olay’s own description says it ” 1) deeply cleanses, 2) gently exfoliates & 3) effectively prepares the skin for your age defying routine” so hence the name. A pretty strong claim that caught my eye is the promise is “up to 4 x better cleansing” (i.e. vs using their Olay Skin Perfecting Cleanser on its own).

Here’s a closer look…


Included in the box (besides the device itself):

  • 1 brush attachment
  • 1 x 20ml Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser
  • x 2 AA batteries

Basically everything you need is in the box so you can get started right away!




I definitely believe in better cleansing leading to improved penetration & thus performance of follow up products (moisturisers, serums etc.). In the past I used to use a (dedicated) face cloth/ sponge but I had hygiene concerns so I stopped years back. I currently only use my hands (fingertips only & minding my nails) in the shower to clean my face. Often I’ll wash my face twice If I’ve been wearing make up that day otherwise once is fine. I only use white towels at home (it’s an OCD thing) and would sometimes still find some foundation/mascara transferring onto on my towels even after double washing which really annoys me.

Olay’s directions  for use:

  • dampen your skin & the brush head with water
  • massage the cleanser onto your face with your hands
  • turn the brush on & move over face for 60 seconds avoiding the eyes
  • rinse face & brush

I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System for around 4/5 weeks now. They say its gentle enough for everyday use but I probably use it 3/4 times a week as I store it outside of the shower (for further OCD reasons) & don’t always remember to take it in with me (& I refuse to freeze to step out & get it). I still prefer to do one wash with just my hands when I’m wearing a full face of makeup as I don’t want to dirty the brushes too much so they can stay cleaner & last longer.


  • it is very gentle. If I remembered to, I would use it more often maybe even everyday when I’m not rushing


  • the device fits very easily & naturally in my hand & is non slip even under running water
  • with a few uses I could feel the benefits of the exfoliation. Nothing dramatic but I could feel that my skin was smoother with that top/dead layer of skin gone.


  • if I could change just one thing it would be to make the brush heads a little bigger (I’m probably just being impatient though)
  • ok one more thing since I’m making a wish list here is to have a timer of sorts built into the device so I know when the 60 seconds are up. Nothing fancy, maybe vibrates lightly every 30/60 seconds to let me know how I’m doing on time

The bristles are surprisingly soft (like a baby’s hair brush if you can imagine) and this along with the water (softening it up further) is what I think makes it so gentle. I use it quite close to my eyes without any problem. Olay of course recommend use of the device with any of their own cleansers but I’ve been using it with Kiehl’s  & it works fine. There are 2 speed settings but I just use the default (slower) one as the faster one requires the button held down throughout (I’m that lazy) & I’m not sure it makes that much of a difference. When I have more time (usually my Sunday night shower), I also like to use it all over my décolletage. I make sure I give the bristles a good rinse in the shower just before I step out & I air dry it on a window sill after each use.

The Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System retails for R329 (not bad!) at Dischem (PS you can buy it online here – R60 delivery with a 3-5 day lead time). You can buy the brush heads separately for R99 for a 2 pack or the full-sized 150ml Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser for the same price.

I’m planning to hold onto mine (now if I can just remember to take it into the shower with me!).

Have a super weekend!


PS I have an invitation from Clinique for a launch that looks very similar to this next month so I’ll keep you posted on that…

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