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The One & Only’s Nobu

I haven’t done a food post in so long you’d be forgiven if you thought I’d stopped eating. As if!

Another quite overdue post, yup it’s been a while since we visited Nobu at the One & Only but this is a post that had to be written. Now the night before we went to Nobu we’d eaten at The Pot Luck Club for the very first time & absolutely LOVED it so we were almost mentally & proactively bracing ourselves for disappointment. I mean what was going to beat or even match that?!

Before I forget, I must get a confession out of the way: I first heard about Nobu on Keeping Up With The Kardashians! 🙂 By now everyone’s heard of Nobu, a major celeb hang out with restaurants in New York, London, Hong Kong, Dubai & more so it feels really special to have one here in SA. My favourite quote about Nobu “heaven on earth & sex on a plate”~ Kate Winslet.




Taunted as the man who invented Japanese food, world-class master chef Nobuyuki ‘Nobu’ Matsuhisa describes the food as “classical Japanese cuisine a contemporary twist” and he’s incorporated South African flavours too. You walk into Nobu and you can’t not be taken aback by the space. Soft lighting, dark interiors and what felt like quadruple volume ceilings – just walking in made me feel like we’d made a luxurious dinner choice already. On the upper level there’s Nobu Lounge where it’s drinks and finger food (with a view!) while we headed down to the main restaurant. Even though I’d been to the hotel plenty for drinks, the spa & to Reubens, Nobu is a little tucked away from the eye and understandably so too.

They do have a dinner menu but being newbies we wanted to try as much as possible everything so we opted for tapas from The Ceviche Bar instead.


  • without exception everything we ate was really, really good. Super fresh, served up what felt like seconds after preparation.
  • our absolute, absolute vice was the prawn tempura. Initially we ordered one plate & then ended ordering two more as soon as we gobbled it & we spent parts of the night debating if we should have one more! Do not think about leaving without having the prawn tempura. Just don’t…


  • they have a dedicated virgin cocktail menu which is so rare but I really appreciate it because 1) I hate paying for alcohol I’m not having & 2) these combinations were tasted & tested to actually work together. Try the Yuzu Miel: guava, yuzu (East Asian citrus fruit, looks like a lemon) & honey – I know it sounds weird but it works.
  • smart, sharp service with the calibre of waiters we all dream of. We mentioned it was our 1st time & she made great recommendations (we’re complicated: no red meant, no pork, no alcohol and definitely no exotic meat) and we took her up on almost all – not one regret


  • the only thing I didn’t enjoy was being sandwiched between a really noisy/giggly table and the “till point” i.e. where the waiters punch in their order. And yes we should have asked to move but we were so full/lazy we couldn’t possibly move

We made the decision to leave the Nikon at the hotel (sigh!), so apologies for the sparse/poor pics but just know that with the low light this doesn’t even begin to do the deliciousness justice!




We each ordered dessert and right after, this complimentary one was brought out. We just looked across the table at each other, laughed and dug in to dessert #3! So ridiculous!


Ok  one more regret: we didn’t have sushi. Sacrilege I know but there really wasn’t anywhere to put it (I really was up for the challenge!).

The only way this night could have been better was if we were staying at The Only & Only – we so were full we could hardly walk!

Easily in my top 3 restaurants in Cape Town. It’s a splurge night out but you just HAVE to go!



One&Only Cape Town
Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Reservations: restaurantreservations@oneandonlycapetown.com

Email: amirs@noburestaurants.com

Phone: +27 21 431 4511

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