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Ford Fiesta ST – this is what being a cool kid feels like…

Sure, plenty of blogger drops is part of the territory but when I answered my door bell recently & the guy on the other side said “delivery from Ford” I couldn’t fumble with the keys fast enough to get to my driveway…


 Oh hi there sexy car that’s all mine for the week! (I lost the race to the driver’s seat!)

So for perspective, I drive a 8-year-old car of the paid up variety. It’s the 1st car I ever bought and in my husband’s words when I asked him what the car says about he replied “married with 2 kids and a bond”. So yeah this was a pretty exciting week for me!

Last year I also got to drive a Ford Kuga for a week & they’re such different cars. For those of you who are all about the numbers: the 3 door Ford Fiesta ST (Sports Technologies) has a 1.6L 132kW 4 cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine, 220km/hour top speed & the suggested RSP is R274 900 (including environmental tax). You can get all the technical bits that’s way over my head (torque & stuff like that) over herehere.

What I liked:

  • the colour. I didn’t think  I’d ever like a red car but the colour gave this guy his looks. My own car is white so let’s just say I’m not used to people staring at my car!
  • keyless entry & power start button – I know these are becoming more common lately but starting the car (literally) at a push of a button while the key was in my handbag was a novelty that didn’t get old
  • deep enough cup holders (I like my coffee tall/grande) and plenty of storage nooks built into the interior (think lip balm, keys, pens etc. – my car tends to become an extension of my home)
  • the SYNC system powered by Microsoft allowed me to operate my phone completely hands-free via voice commands. It connects via Bluetooth & I downloaded my contacts. You can also play your music through the Sony sound system (with 6 speakers!). I hate to admit that I can’t keep normally myself away from my phone & I’m usually checking voicemails/returning calls as I rush between events/meetings. It was such a pleasure & relief to have my eyes on the road & still be able to do all that. I wasn’t expecting setup to be easy but I did it in a matter of seconds – without having to haul out the manual.
  • rear parking sensors – now if I could just choose 1 thing I wish my car had, this would be it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually quite good at parking (even alley docking & parallel parking) but I loathe car guards & I never listen to them so sometimes I’m just more comfortable getting out & having a look at things for myself (not so awesome when you get the parking spot right in front of the restaurant you’re meeting your friends at!). With the rear sensors I didn’t have to do that once all week!
  • probably a sign of the age of my car but I loved being able to charge my devices (via the cigarette lighter or USB) even while I was parked and the car was turned off. You have no idea how much time I have spent sitting in my car in a parking lot, key turned just to be able to charge my phone for a bit so I could send an urgent email
  • it comes with a 4 year/120 000 km warranty. I know that some manufacturers only cover up to 80 000 kms on a new car so this seems on the generous side. Trust me, paying for services is painful!
  • 5  star  Euro NCAP rating – now the only reason I actually know what that is because the Ford Ranger (I was on the Ranger Odyssey last year you might remember) has it too. Long story short it’s the highest safety rating in the world & not all cars get it.


This is how most days started – the who-gets-to-drive debate fight.




Look, there’s no good reason for above pic except that I climbed into a tree to take it so here you are…








 For the uninitiated (like myself, Recarco actually make seats that go into Formula One racing cars!





From the leather trimmed steering wheel, the 17′ inch alloys to the front grille that looks like its growling, when you’re behind of wheel of this car it’s like it’s whispering “drive me… fast”. No surprises that TopCar & Car Magazine voted the Ford Fiesta ST the “best hot hatch off 2014”. Obviously the week went way to quickly. This was a heap of fun – thanks Ford!



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