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Why the HTC One M8?

Let me say upfront that this isn’t the most popular brand in SA having made a recent come back, but it is has to be the most underrated.

Sure, you’ve heard of HTC but ever seen an advert? Me neither.

main-1-india 10300767_673619442674704_1974389152332384125_n

Let’s rewind a bit. That I’m an android girl isn’t news & the brand 1st caught my attention almost 2 years ago with the launch of the HTC One M7 (the predecessor to my current device). Fast forward some eighteen months and I’m stumped to be invited to come on board and use the device for 6 months. I casually mention this to my iHusband just as the mail pops into my inbox, whose immediate reaction was “whaaaaaaaat?!” (aka jealousy.) He proceeds to rave about the device on end (& make me swear to share it) to the point that the wait until I have mine in hand becomes intolerable.

The header of this post was the simple question a friend asked me at the news that I’d be opting to switch to the M8. Well we’re about half way through that time now and instead of giving you a standard, technical review (which you can find here, here & here (if you like) I thought I’d the talk to the 3 things I’m enjoying most day-to-day about the handset to date:

1). The battery life

I was very skeptical when I learned that the battery isn’t removable. Very, very skeptical.

I prided myself on having bought battery packs for my last 2 phones. Always fully charged & ready to go obviously. Here’s the thing & I know this is going to be hard to believe: you don’t need it. Yes, I’m using all  the energy-saving options I would on any handset but I’m a very, very heavy user running 3  email accounts, every social media platform you can imagine, constantly snapping pictures, WhatsApp-ing & BBM-ing to no end & that’s when I’m not talking on the phone or Skyping (perks of a travelling iHusband).

As a blogger I just can’t afford to not be online & so far I haven’t had to be. By the time I get into bed I have between 10% & 25% battery left after a day out & more if it’s been a work-from-home kind of day. I’m not kidding!

2.) The look & feel

When the phone I was using before the HTC One M8 launched some time back, I remember seeing  a tweet calling it a Fisher Price toy. I giggled to myself but I thought that was rather harsh. These days when I hold the M8’s 90% metal (brushed aluminium) in my hand I can’t but agree. It’s solid (even a tad heavy) but the brushed aluminium glides in your hand & the clean, sleek aesthetic can’t be faulted.

I’ve heard a few people say it’s a bit big (there is a mini available just fyi) but for me its perfect. My hand wraps easily around the curved back and I can operate the 5 inch screen with just one hand with ease, making multitasking a dream.

3.) The camera

You probably didn’t know that I take all the pictures for this blog with my phone. Yes, we do have a Nikon DSLR (um, whose turn is it to carry it?) & last year we invested in a Leica. Thing is, I’m time poor & I need to be able to shoot, edit & upload on the go.

Most people I know whip out their phone to play some games when they’re stuck in queues. I use that time to edit pictures, upload them to my blog via the android WordPress app & get them ready to add some text to post/publish asap. Probably the most misunderstood point about the camera is that the specs is given in ultrapixels (vs. megapixels that we’re used to in SA) and it’s not directly comparable I’m told.

You can look forward to dual (front & back facing) camera with features such as selfie mode (yes really) & a host of neat editing options. The only time I’d have liked to see the camera perform better is in low light (i.e candle light I loathe using a flash!).

Have a look for yourself:

Unedited: IMAG0071



Edited: IMAG1623_2_1

The Midlands last weekend


The Ford Fusion launch earlier this week

 I could go on… Like the fact that I found the device to be pretty intuitive & easy to setup (to transfer contacts, apps pictures etc. from my old android device without needing to look at the manual) in under 45 minutes. Something that’s practically unheard of but that I appreciate a lot is that you get a back cover in the box. And if you’re into music, I only recently tried out the earphones when I learned that they’re made by Beats By Dr Dre.

What would I change? A longer charging cable would be a dream (can you tell I’m really grasping here but why do so many manufacturers have a such short cords?). I’d also love to be able to use the dot view (book cover) case more comfortably with just one hand. Here’s hoping HTC get into the tablets and laptops soon – I can only imagine how amazing they’d be. For now, all eyes are on HTC with their upcoming 1st March press conference in Barcelona to announce the One M8’s successor to follow later this year. I have no shame in admitting that given my experience to date, I’m salivating!


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