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Lush’s Sympathy for the Skin

On one of my last trips to the coast (I think it was Durban) I walked into Lush and asked for (amongst other many, many other things) for the most moisturising body cream they had.

I was handed Lush’s Sympathy for the Skin. The name pretty much convinced me. I lifted the lid, took a mandatory whiff & tossed it into to my basket.



So apparently Sympathy for the Skin has done so well for Lush that its one of their very first/original products. Also, it’s named after a Rolling Stones track, Sympathy for the Devil. Apparently. I mention this to A (aka the hubby) & after calling me a monkey and proclaiming “that joke is lost on your generation” he’s online so he looks up the song & I’m now writing the review with it playing in the background. Listen here. Apparently Pharrell also did a reiteration.

Moving on… I’m kind of addicted to body butters (my skin is super dry all year round) and I only typically use lotions on rare occasions and mostly in Summer. Lush don’t really do the body butter format. The (super friendly & helpful) store assistant (where do Lush find their people?!) seemed very confident when I mentioned this.


  • full marks on the moisturising. Like 10 out of 1o without hesitation.


  • formulation – I should just copy & paste this point on all my Lush reviews & maybe it should even be under “lust”. Think (& in this order): vanilla pod infusion, almond oil, cocoa butter, fresh organic bananas. Nope, this isn’t a cake mix. See the full list of ingredients here (the list of good stuff goes on & on)
  • As you know Lush is all about “fresh, handmade cosmetics” but I appreciated that this product had a relatively long shelf life (14 months) – less pressure.


  • so after working my way through the entire tub I like it but…. that banana smell is a little too much for me. Luckily it’s fighting with the vanilla smell.  I do like bananas but its very banana-ry.

All of that said, the banana isn’t just there for scent but has amazing moisturising/soothing/anti fungal (& more) properties all of which I believe to be true. It actually really maks sense now why I’ve seen the humble banana in so many DIY face & hair treatment recipes.

If you adore bananas this could double as a pudding and body lotion. R180 for 24og buy it here.

For the record: Sympathy for the Devil was released in 1968. My mother was 9. I rest my case.


PS I am so tired of the “Lush is opening in Joburg” vibes. Lush, can you just tell us when & where so we can diarize and camp outside the store already? Please? This is becoming undignified….

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