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Introducing – Jane Carter Solution

So until a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of Jane Carter Solution until the team over at Obulunji sent me these 3 goodies:


Then I got to reading/researching & read that Beyoncé named Jane Carter Solution as one of her go-to product lines in 2012 & I was all ears! (Can Beyoncé show us her real hair one day/some day please?!). You can read their story here – its a humble one that incidentally starts off in the year I was born!

I got to play around with 3 Jane Carter’s Solutions products. The short version: I liked them all & there’s one in particular that I love!

So I don’t continuously repeat myself, before I jump into the reviews there’s a couple of things that’s true across all 3 products (& in some cases their entire range):

  • it’s not tested on animals (I’ve been thinking about this a lot more lately)
  • its also natural, vegan, gluten free & organic
  • its colour safe
  • smells really great

Creamy Leave In Styling Smoother 236ml – R249

I’m a (co)wash & go girl (though I’m trying to cut down) but surprisingly I don’t use a lot of leave-in conditioners. Two reasons when I forced myself to think about it I realised:

  1. Very often brands actually don’t make a leave-in conditioner per se
  2. I didn’t want to “disturb” my curls by handling them to apply leave in conditioner as I thought they looked fine as is
  3. I’m not anti silicones at all but its just not ideal (for me) to put silicones in my hair on wash day. I’d rather do it as I’m nearing my next wash day. I had about 3 leave-ins at home, all with silicones
  4. I’m lazy & (co)washing & (deep) conditioning is quite enough work already thank you very much. I’ve noticed I’d normally just quickly seal my ends with a butter/oil of sorts/spritzed something all over & spend the rest of my time playing with Sofia.


Confession: this is the 1st time I used a leave-in conditioner properly. i.e. I took the time (after washing) to section (vertically – about 6 sections starting at the back of my head) & apply product. I used about a one pump (+- a teaspoon on each section)


  • I usually (loosely) describe leave-in conditioners as watered down versions of regular conditioners but ingredients wise this one could not be further from that.
  • That said, it’s not at all heavy on the hair even though the 3 of the 1st 4 ingredients are all butters (i.e. after water): shea butter, kokum butter & mango butter. Once air dried, my hair had no residue on it to the touch at all & that’s pretty much perfection for me.


  • its also reactivates well with water – I tried it on day 2 & 3 (spritzing with plain water) & it was good to go
  • its multi purpose and actually straddles a styling product & a leave in conditioner. Jane Carter reckons its good for natural/transitioning hair & you can also use it for twist outs & heat protectant too


  •  this is a really silly but practical thing: I wish the bottle was more opaque so I can see at a glance how much product is left inside. I’ve even tried holding it up to the light but you need to unscrew the cap/dispenser to gauge (with their Moisture Mist (see below), I didn’t have problem)

I don’t think the Creamy Leave In Styling Smoother gave me better curl definition/shine but I definitely believe my curls “held” longer & my hair was more moisturised

Moisture Mist 236ml – R299


Anything I can spritz after a wash and go  on is a favourite (did I mention I’m lazy?) & I’m usually running so late that I’m always doing the spritzing in the car! 🙂 If few brands make leave in conditioners, even fewer make spritzs – why?!


  • Most spritzs are centred on moisture but what I liked about the Moisture Mist is that it balances moisture (shea butter) with protein (amino acids) as well, setting it apart from our home made mixes. Also have you ever tried to mix/melt shea butter at home for a spritz? Not. Possible.


  • the 1st time I used the product the actual spritzing mechanism looked a little intimidating but its actually the best I’ve use in terms of how it spritzs. It really does deliver a super fine mist when you spray so its easy to get on the hair nice & evenly without needing to use your hands at all. I’m definitely repurposing this bottle when its empty.


  • not a thing!

I used about 6-8 spritzes across my entire head after a wash & go on damp & its enough to leave my hair well moisturised. I also used some after using the Creamy Leave in Styling Smoother but then you only need 2/3 spritzes or you’re wasting. If I had to choose my favourite of these 3 products the Moisture Mist would be it!

PS they say its a great as a  moisturiser for your  skin though I haven’t tried it that way.


Nourish & Shine 113ml – R295



Nourish & Shine was born in 1996  & is still the company’s best seller today. I tried it on both damp & dry hair by melting about ha half a teaspoon in my hand at a time & applying in sections, concentrating on my ends.


  • It’s very moisturising. I started with the intention of using it everyday (I consider my hair very dry) but from the onset it wasn’t necessary & I could do every second day and  then twice week.


  • The magic is in the ingredients: we all know shea butter well enough but I’d not heard of illipe & kokum butter which along with mango & shea butter made up the 1st 4 ingredients – um yeah, power packed!


  • while this nourished my hair heaps, shine still eludes me…

Using any other product with this will be wasteful in my opinion – it’s more than enough moisture as is, promise. Nourish & Shine is also marketed as a skin moisturiser.  I tried it out & its good but a little sticky & definitely shiny so for your skin I ay apply at night  to wake up with super soft skin. Also a good multi purpose option if you’re travelling.

Okay this review turned out quite long but I’ve been using the range for the last month & a half & wanted to make sure I told y’all  everything. Some of their other products that look promising:

PS Obulunji is currently on sale & you can get a 2 piece set of Nourish & Shine 113ml – (usually R295) & Moisture Mist 236ml – (usually R299) for a combined price of R350 which is a pretty awesome deal!

Be kind to your hair!


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