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That time I got eyebrows

Late last year I was very excited to go to my 1st Tweezerman launch. I’ve been using their tweezers (& nothing else!) for a while & since I bought them haven’t needed to replace them – and I’m talking some 6/7 years on…

I watched Gillian from BrowXpress do a makebrow-over on a terribly shy lady & I wished I’d taken some pics because they were really, really good. Don’t you hate it when people do a demo but choose a really soft target to do it on? Well, they didn’t. This girl had a beautifully made up face for the day but sparse eyebrows that weren’t shaped. And they did so good I decided I needed to get me some of that!


So I called to book my appointment just before we headed to Thailand & thought this was going to be perfect – I’d be on a sublime island holiday with dreamy eyebrows and all my selfies would look ah-mazing! And then I got told that I needed to grow my brows out for at least 6 weeks ideally for best results.

Six weeks!

It was very painful & every time I looked in the mirror I kept reminding myself that this was for “a greater good”. Whenever I was outdoors I put on the biggest, darkest pair of sunnies I could find & it still felt like people could see right through my sunnies and were zooming in on the mess that was my face.

Six weeks to the day after much self restraint (I eventually had to packed my own Tweezermans away – out of sight & all that…) I went along & Lungi, Gillian’s assistant worked her magic like I knew she would. My brows were waxed, shaped, trimmed (yes, trimming is sometimes needed) & tinted & I walked out with the best brows I’ve had in my life….


I also learned a lot – I’m the kind of person who when I’m getting my hair/nails/eyebrows done am not really into chit chat but am very keen to know the exact details of the treatment/service I’m having & Lungi really tolerated me well. The main thing was that my eyebrows actually aren’t naturally uniform in shape & the left one in particular didn’t have a natural arch so it needed some extra help to create one (thank God – I always knew it wasn’t me, it was my eyebrows!).

Another key take out from our conversation: if you’ve ever thought about permanent make up i.e. getting your eyebrows tattooed… Don’t. Do. It.

Gillian basically comes from eyebrow royalty & was casually telling us stories at the launch of having done heaps of international fashion shows. She’s booked out for weeks & months in advance but you might have better luck with Lungi. And anyway – you need that time to grow your brows out before you go see them – I have no regrets on that one…

While a few women I know have surrendered their brows to Gillian & Lungi entirely & have ongoing/standing 6 week appointments, I’ve gone the DIY route with my trusty Tweezermans & some help from Eyelure. More on that soon…




48 Bompas Road, Dunkeld

082 584 23 48



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