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As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner – it’s a goodie!

If you have curly/kinky hair I don’t need to tell you As I Am is one of those lusted after international brands I’ve known about almost since I went natural.  But (& big BUT) I could never bring myself to spend that kind of money on it. I mean I wanted it but… That’s. A lot. Of. Money.

And then I stumbled on Obulunji’s sale a couple of weeks back. I scooped up the As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner for R149 (their normal price is R249). I also knew it was a good deal since it sells for around $11 on their US website – so converted back to our measly ZAR’s it wasn’t far off at all.

Caution: Do not, I repeat do not check the price of international brands vs. what we pay in SA unless you have a strong drink in hand & since I don’t drink it usually leaves me so m-a-d!

*moving on swiftly on…*

I’m having a thing for leave-in conditioners at the moment & have you noticed that few brands actually do one? I don’t really like gels & styling products too much and I prefer to put something in my hair that’s going to moisturize/strengthen/nourish it and make my curls pop.


As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner 236ml for R149 (on sale) from Obulunji

Their own directions for application are a little too wishy washy for me: “apply liberally to clean, wet, detangled hair & distribute well. Proceed to style”. Now, if you’re a type 1/2 curl girl you can try that but it won’t fly in my life.

In terms of how I used it, this is my standard process for leave-in conditioner:

  • I start on just washed hair or if if its not wash day I spritz with plain water liberally
  • I dry my hair lightly using a hair wrap/microfiber towel (you need a good amount of water to stay in your hair. I keep a towel wrapped on my shoulders for the dripping)
  • I started applying As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner in vertical sections, in front of a mirror & starting at the back of my head
  • I ended up with about 8 or so sections & worked my way to my hairline
  • As I applied it, I raked the product through my hair, concentrating on my ends & detangling with my fingers
  • Air dry

Ok let me get to it. In a nutshell: As I Am’s Leave-In Conditioner is good. In fact its great. My hair really likes the stuff.


….you can see the full list of ingredients here.


  • my curls “held” tighter/longer than they normally would & it reactivated well on day 2 & 3 with just some water
  • “slip” is something I associate more with rinse out conditioners but this had great slip. You hair doesn’t need to be dripping wet to apply & it spreads well
  • it smells great – like sweet, thickened milk (the coconut I imagine)


  • a small, practical thing that’s come to me as my love for leave-in conditioners has grown: applying leave-in is a messy affair & in terms of the way it dispenses I do wish it was in a tub or had a pump head  (vs. this push top bottle that needs squeezing). Now, I know more or less how much product I use so I scoop that amount into a small bowl instead for ease of application especially if I’m in a rush.

This pretty much confirmed my suspicions that As I Am is worth all the hype. Some of their other products I cant wait to get on my fro:

Ok let me stop because basically, I want it all!

Be kind to your hair!


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