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Another local winner – Suki Suki Naturals

A couple of weeks ago the most beautifully packaged local hair care line I’d ever seen crossed my desk – meet Suki Suki Naturals. Not even going to lie – these gorgeous brown glass bottles had my attention immediately and whereas I’d usually park deliveries on my desk for a bit I grabbed them & started reading the labels and sniffing at them right away.

The line is labour of love of attorney & natural hair enthusiast Linda Gieskes (I know right – where/how does she find the time?). I’d actually forgotten that I was invited to their official launch months back but I think I was travelling & had to skip it. So yeah, I was curious & glad they sent me these to try out…

Ok, so things to know about the brand overall:

  1. there are 3 products in the line up (overview of each below)
  2. all products are 100% natural
  3. as such they’re free of mineral oil, parabens, sulphates, artificial colourants/preservatives/fragrances & animal derivatives
  4. it all smells amazing – I can’t put my finger on what the specific ingredient is but something about Suki Suki Naturals very definitely reminds me of the signature Africology scent which I adore & just want bathe in all day long!

Hydro Protective Hair  Mist (15oml)


I’m starting with my favourite of the lot!

Of the 3 products – this bottle is the emptiest & as I’m getting down to the last quarter or so I’m already thinking about how much I’m going to miss it. I used this daily/every second day as a moisturiser (in place of my home made spritz) after either washing/co washing but always on damp hair. They reckon you can also use  on corn rows, braids, dreadlocks & directly on the scalp to relieve itchiness.


  • It was a great touch that this product ships standard with a screw top, but along with it they also sent a second option of a spray/spritz top. I used the latter attachment on the bottle 100% of the time (I’m lazy!) & it made applying quick & easy without having to “disturb” my curls


  • ingredients wise think keratin protein, aloe vera juice, tocopheral (Vitamin E) & argan oil
  • on days I wasn’t washing/co washing I’d intentionally get my hair a little wet in the shower/spritz plain water & then followed up with the Hydro Protective Mist & it brought my curls back really well
  • it’s moisturising enough & delivers somewhere between a light to medium level of moisture. This did the job & one good application left my hair soft & properly moisturised for 2- 3 days


  • I may have just gotten an unlucky bottle (or maybe its just me) but mine leaked a little bit. Really was nothing major but since I really loved this product I wanted all of it in my hair!


Miraculous Oil (100ml)

miraculous oil

The Miraculous Oil actually now ships with a glass dropper (vs. the pump head pictured above) as you need very little of it at a time (they say anywhere from 2-4 pumps but I used up to 6 maximum sometimes) & the dropper allows you to expense small amounts at a time.

I used mine in a variety of ways (weekly):

  1. pretty much like the mist above but I’d massage it in with my hand & concentrate with my ends
  2. as a pre poo (not my favourite but it works – it felt a bit wasteful honestly to just shampoo all this good stuff out)
  3. a couple of drops to my conditioner/deep conditioner (worked even better with steam!)


  • this is definitely a more intense oil than the Hydro Mist I described above – super luxurious even in small amounts


  • ingredients are faultless: Moroccan argan oil, shea oil & Jamaican Black Castor (basically all the big guns!) mixed with other natural oils. Take your time applying this well & evenly.


  • nothing really. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like the glass dropper execution but only because the last oil (another brand that came packaged that way)’s glass dropper broke soon after & it left me with a very errrm messy situation trying to get product with this one is still going strong!

I couldn’t really test it out (because I don’t have that particular problem) but I think formulation wise this would work well used regularly & applied via a massage for hairline issues.


Intense Mango Butter (125g)

Intense mango butter

Anyone not like hair butter? Yeah I thought so! The butter is quite solid – much like coconut oil. It just needs a quick warm up in your hands & its good to go in seconds.

This is much too heavy for daily use. If your hair is super dry to start off with you can try every second day and increase the intervals from there. I now use it every 4/5 days in tiny amounts and mostly on my ends (the oldest/weakest part of our hair if you remember).


  • the ingredients, once again are dreamy: mango butter, avo butter, shea butter with a mix of essential oils


  • the brand markets this as a hair & body butter. I didn’t really try the latter out to much except to use it as lip balm when I didn’t feel like gettong up to fetch mine. I also rubbed the “excess” butter off on my calves/knees/elbows my driest bits) after applying it to my hair and it worked well


  • there’s really nothing not to like here!


Despite the (luxe) glass bottles I regularly tossed these into my handbag/car/gym bag en route somewhere and they all survived really well. I’m definitely going to be repurposing these bottles – they’re way too pretty to throw away!

Each of these 3 Suki Suki Naturals products retails for R179 & you can buy them off their site (SA orders only) or via Rubybox (SA + Namibia + Botswana deliveries). I loooove seeing local brands come up through the ranks and they’re so, so well formulated vs. most of the stuff the we buy off the shelves.

Be kind to your hair!


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