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Design Essentials – Almond & Avocado

So more Design Essentials came across my desk recently & if you’ve read any of my previous posts about them you’ll know this certainly isn’t a bad thing!

This time they sent me their Almond & Avo range (part of the Naturals collection) & let me say upfront before I get into the review that the entire range is free of parabens, paraffin, petroleum & mineral oil else I’ll just be repeating myself down the line. The smell is hard to describe – herbal I think. I’m not mad about it but it really doesn’t offend either & its quite mild.




The shampoo is described as moisturising & detangling on the bottle & I think it loves up to both those claims.


  • it’s definitely one of the more moisturising shampoos I’ve used – even when I shampooed twice (I had a DIY/gardening day at home – my hair was f-i-l-t-h-y!).


  • it still lathers up pretty well – so if you like your suds you’re going to be happy


  • no complaints – you’re going to like!

PS the shampoo and conditioner carries the “saves up to 30 minutes detangling time” claim – I didn’t really time it but I’d say the difference for me was probably around 10/15 minutes (I work fast!). The shampoo has quite a luxurious lather & found myself finger detangling with it on just fine…




  • in addition to the almond & avo it also has shea butter & coconut milk & I that despite this is not a heavy/thick conditioner


  • This is not the typical watered down type of conditioner & really packs a punch. Be sure to leave enough water in your hair to be able to have enough slip & detangle well (I over dried my hair so I used a spray bottle to put some water back as I applied the conditioner)


  • I want this in bigger bottle please! 🙂 (PS this was the 1st of the 3 products to be finished!)


Leave-in conditioner


  • in addition to all the nasties listed above this leave-in conditioner is also silicone free! I can count the number of silicone free leave-in conditioners my fro’s had on one hand so this is a biggie for me. Now, I don’t want to get into a silicone debate, I do use silicones & they have their place but its not my favourite thing to use on my hair as part of a leave-in/styling product on wash day


  • no stickiness & no crunch. None. (can I get a whoop?!)


  • my bottle’s currently standing upside down in my bathroom so I’m really hoping to squeeze one more application of it 🙂

When I used the full range (shampoo, conditioner & leave-in conditioner – the latter 2 applied properly i.e. in sections) my curls are in top form for 3 days after with just a little water to reactive (& of course sleeping with a satin scarf & keeping my hands far off my fro).


Date night & also day 3 hair…

Get your Design Essentials Almond & avo hookup over here.

PS since our textures are all so different, be sure to checkout what my girls from the Healthy Hair Gurus (Aisha, Kavuli & Tendayi) thought of the range as well

Be kind to your hair!


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