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Rather Lush than never…

Ok, so let’s be honest. It’s not often that we get international brands coming to SA & then opening in Cape Town first. So when I heard about Lush opening at the Waterfront a couple of months back I didn’t really pay too much attention thinking it’s just another beauty brand. I mean what could possibly be different about them?

Well, lots! I was roaming around the Waterfront while we were down on holiday, trying hard not to spend any (more!) money when I saw the store & I thought to myself “ahhh ok so that’s the place everyone’s going on about”. The store seemed to be buzzing so I thought what the heck & decided to peep in…


My first observation is that you smell the store before you even see it and its yummy!

The brand is totally tongue-in-cheek & describe themselves as a bunch of hippies in the business of “fresh handmade cosmetics”. I got a store tour from Katie who was so sweet & came to SA especially from the UK stores to help set up Lush SA, their 1st store on the African continent.

Everything is hand-made & in small batches to ensure it get to stores & in turn to us as fresh as possible. Think organic fruit & vegetables. Little or no preservatives & complete transparency when it comes to ingredients (they even list them online). Also a noticeable point of difference is that some of the products are individually priced i.e. per tub/bottle etc. & then others are “naked” (or unpackaged) & weighed so you can choose the exact amount that you want. Quite neat, no wasting.


I’m not a bathing kinda girl but the one time a year I do run a tub (after having a shower 1st of course – I’m OCD like that!) I like to make it a bit of a ceremony.

These bath bombs (fizzing bath balls) & bubble bars (solid bubble bath) had unexpected details (I got a demo) like actually changing the colour of you bath water & then some had bits of glitter & tiny cut outs that would float in your tub. Very pretty.

Whoever has the job of coming up with the names of products, though has the best job on earth. And anything goes e.g. one of the soaps is called Honey I Washed the Kids & my personal favourite is a shower gel called It’s Raining Men!


They’re not joking when they say things are fresh & hand-made.

Their fresh face masks are mixed with the freshest ingredients in the Lush South Africa cosmetic kitchen & have a shelf life of around 3 months ( & must be refridgerated). Katie invited me back to watch next time she makes a batch. I could just picture her peeling fruits & squeezing juice. Oh the woes of living in Jozi! The jiggling shower jellies (innovative take on the shower gel) really intrigued me & could be used at room temperature or frozen (say on a hot day).


Each Peach – one of their best sellers

At first glance I thought Each Peach was a soap, but it’s actually a moisturizer (they call it a massage bar) Katie explained. I rubbed s small bit on my skin & with my body temperature it melted immediately & left a nice glow. OMG I cannot explain in words how beautiful it smells…


The colour wheel was really interesting, initially I thought it was all nail polish.


These are actually totally multi functional which I thought was cool. You can use them as eye shadows or on lips or cheeks – whatever.


Of course I couldn’t not check out the hair stuff (my afro needs all the help it can get!).

Solid shampoo is new to me. Apparently it lathers up in a second with a bit of water. You can rub the shampoo bar directly onto wet hair or lather it up on your hands first. I loved the idea of henna, especially as a natural. I have thought about colouring my hair when its a bit longer & this is a great option to colour without chemicals & damaging hair. Interestingly, one of Lush’s founders, Mark Constantine, is a trained trichologist (one who studies the health of hair and scalp).


There’s even a section just for the boys with shaving goodies & deodorants – no excuses!

Try as I may (sigh!), I couldn’t leave the store without buying a few goodies so of course I’ll review them here soon. Ok Lush, we’re officially jealous when are you opening in Jozi?!?


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