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The Five Skin Care Rule Breakers

You may  have first met Miss Euphony Kgadima, a registered somatologist on my bog last year. She’s incredibly passionate about all things skin & having attended 2 of her workshops, she really leaves me inspired each time to take better care of my own. I asked her share some of her top skins sins with us…





The skin is an underrated organ; we often think that it will work on maintaining itself without us really playing our part. This is a misconception; people do not understand the value of taking care of their skin until they have a skin problem. In this article I am going to describe the common “law breakers” when it comes to the skin. I have at some point been a rule breaker in one or more of these.

  • The “scrubber”

We all know that exfoliation delivers a tighter, firmer, smoother look and feel of skin when done correctly and only once-twice a week! Over-exfoliation triggers the inflammatory response, leading to a compromised lipid barrier that won’t function properly, a sensitized skin condition, and accelerated premature aging. This in lay-mans terms this means that, when you use a cleanser with beads or granules, or an exfoliator every day, you are compromising your skin’s protective barrier. This will leave you with dry skin, which will age your skin quicker!

  • The non-water drinker

We have all been this person, the one who never consumes even 1 litre of water in a week. It is shocking, but I know a few of those.  Increasing your water intake according to your body mass ( your weight divided by ten should be the number of glasses you drink everyday) will not only afford you a better functioning digestive system, but this will increase your skins moisture intake and leave you with hydrated skin. Hydrating yourself daily will not only help to fight off aging, but also gives your skin a healthy glow.

  • The “I will leave this makeup for the morning” culprit

Late nights out on the town are the best! Especially when your makeup is at its best and you are wearing that famous Katy Perry cat eye. You arrive home and you are too lazy to remove your makeup, this is not just a bad habit it could leave you with dark circles around your eyes in the long run. Another down side of sleeping with makeup is it can lead to bacteria infections, clogged pores which can cause acne, and residue that can stay on your pillow and cause you other unwanted skin conditions.

  • The “serial pimple popper”

This is not only unhygienic it could also lead to an acne and a pigmentation skin condition. Popping and picking at the skin on your face will only push dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, resulting in more breakouts. When you pop your pimples; you burst the pimple beneath which results in inflammation and more comedones (pimples).

  • The shower addict

Most of us love hot long showers; unfortunately they strip away the outer most layer of epidermis causing scaly and dried skin. Water is good but too much hot water is not!  When your skin starts to turn red and itch in the shower, you know it’s time to step out.

Those are just some of the common mistakes that we make when it comes to our skin. Reform by making a decision to love your skin!

Yours in Skin Therapy

Miss Euphony




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