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The Samsung S III case TO get!

So by now you’ve read my previous post on the S III flip cover that I just didn’t work (I was deceived by its good looks). So, what is the answer?

For me, it’s been a plain & simple pouch. They’re also made by Samsung, so it’s an original product & I was pleasantly surprised to find out that its genuine leather. It does mean that I have to be more careful when handling the device as it’s essentially fully unprotected when I’m sms-ing or on a call but that said, it’s the most practical  (not to mention good-looking) solution for me by a mile.





  • It’s beautiful! The white on the tan is just dreamy to look at.
  • Its leather! Leather has a very special place in my heart.
  • It fits great & snug. No bulging yet you don’t struggle to get the device in & out of the case (after a few days as it does need an initial ‘stretch” like all leather)


  • The price. Its R155! It almost felt like too good a deal!
  • Unlike the white flip cover, it doesn’t show up dirt easily although I still wipe mine down once a week & use a tiny amount of leather polish to keep it in good nick.


  •  3 months in & the binding on the edge of the case is separating from the leather. It’s just in one spot for now but I’m worried it’ll get worse as times goes on.


It must be said that when it comes to accessories overall Samsung really take this quite seriously vs. most other brands. I’m quite an accessories junkie so its great to see a handset manufacturer take this segment seriously for once & make their own, branded accessories that are almost guaranteed to be a better fit & better quality than any of the generics available.

If I ran the brand

I really love this pouch & I want it to be perfect so my only wish is that the Samsung find a better way to seal the binding onto the edge of the case. Seems like a simple case of good glue?

Need to know

  • You definitely want to shop around if you’re going to buy this pouch.  While I  bought mine for R155 (MTN Cresta) I saw it in another store for R499 – insane!
  • It’s also available in black leather.

Soooo anyone else have S IV FOMO? 🙂 Check out the intro & advert here. I’ll be at the launch later this week so I will definitely be sharing the scoop! T minus 3 days!!!


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