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How you should clean your make-up brushes

There are many brush cleaners that the various make-up brands sell at their counters. Partly because I’m frugal & partly because I prefer a “deeper cleanse” I haven’t opted for any of those so far. And if you’re not yet convinced you need to clean them at all, be sure to read this post 1st.



 Here’s how to keep your brushes clean in a simply way at home. What you’ll need:

  • Warm (not hot water)
  • A clean towel (probably not your best towel. I like using a white/light coloured one)
  • Gentle shampoo (I typically use one that for whatever reason isn’t working for my hair anymore)


  • Wet the brush & use a small amount of shampoo (like a 10c coin size) to start a lather
  • Massage/swirl the bristles gently onto the open palm of your hand & watch all the gunk rinse out.
  • Repeat above process if needed until the water runs clear.
  • Cover the brush head with a towel & gently squeeze out the excess water
  • Reshape the bristles if needed
  • Allow to air dry on a clean towel in a ventilated, dust free space. Overnight is usually enough.

You can do this in a bowl but I prefer to do it over the sink with running water on hand as my brushes are usually quite dirty! Some people like to condition brushes with some conditioner or oil after the wash but I don’t, to me it adds to the build-up. If you use a gentle/non stripping shampoo your brushes should be just fine.


  • Use a harsh detergent like dish washing liquid
  • Get the bulk of the brush wet with water, just the tip/bristles that needs cleaning (the glue may dissolve, causing the handle to detach from the bristles)
  • Soak the brushes in water, even for a minute (again, the glue)
  • Leave the brushes to dry standing upright (the glue!)
  • Wring the brush heads to get out the excess water

People often ask me how often this should be done. I aim for once a month (I don’t wear make-up daily) but even then I don’t do mine as regularly as I know I should. I have a spare set of duplicate brushes that I always keep clean that I can swop over to which helps when I get lazy.

Your skin will thank you!


PS if you missed one of my very early blog posts on some of my personal (& simple) beaut tips (think of it as my cheat sheet!) have a peak here 🙂

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