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My (accidental) DIY tinted moisturiser

So I really didn’t even want a tinted moisturiser but in a nutshell my frugal ways led me down this path.

I’d been using a Bobbi Brown foundation for a while and that was working fine but I felt it was just a little too natural and didn’t last through the day (I do like the natural look) and so for more coverage when it ran out, I tried Mac’s Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation (shade NC45). I got help matching  my shade at the counter and off I went. Since everyone raves about Mac, I thought it’d be a sure thing.

Well my skin wasn’t having it. It didn’t look natural enough (hey I can hear you laughing at me). I felt like it sat “on” my skin & didn’t blend/absorb well at all. That said, I couldn’t bring myself to toss the bottle (it cost me around R300+, can’t remember exactly) so I kept on using it for a few weeks anyway. Waste not, want not, I thought…

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Sometimes 1 +1 =3

I don’t really know what sparked the idea but sitting at my dressing table one morning, knowing I was about to be unhappy with my make-up if I continued as is I decided to blend in some moisturiser to my Mac foundation to “thin” it I thought. I reached for my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (the combination/dry skin formulation) and mixed two parts foundation to one part moisturiser in the palm of my hand.  It mixed easily (the body heat helped I’m sure), I applied it with my finger AND I LOVED IT!


My DIY tinted moisturiser in natural light, at the Ranger Odyssey boot camp


Indoors, while we were breaking for lunch recently in Portugal


Outside the airport, off to a launch

So then…

  • For the 1st few days I kept mixing just enough for a single application in the palm of my hand



  • When I figured out the foundation to moisturiser ratio that was perfect I pre mixed some into a tiny jar instead to save time everyday and to have a travel size available on the go. This lasted me around 3/4 days.
  • After that I felt pretty sure that I knew how I liked it so I poured just the right amount of moisturiser directly into the Mac foundation bottle and a gave it a thorough shake.
  • On its own the Mac foundation had a SPF of 10 which isn’t much to start with and was now diluted. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion doesn’t have any SPF at all so I’d apply a sunscreen under this formula
  • From here I’d continue with my normal make up regime.

My tinted moisturiser concoction last me 3 going on 4 months but I was just so happy that I didn’t need to waste this bottle of foundation & that the results on my skin were better than expected.

Please tell me of you’ve stumbled on any DIY/frugal tips. I’m sold after this!



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