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Veet’s Easy Grip Ready To Use Wax Strips

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m not a fan of body hair. At al. Why do we need it anyway?  Luckily I’m not very hairy although that comes with disadvantages too like sparse eyebrows instead of those thick caterpillar ones I always drool on Indian girls. I’ve had laser removal (you have to do it, it’s an investment) but on larger areas like legs it turned out to be too expensive for me so far.


I had this pack of Veet just lying around for ages (over a year, no jokes!) and probably just boredom but one evening I decided to give it a go & do a half leg (excluding knee).

What’s in the box?

  • 20 wax strips
  • 4 perfect finish wipes

Ease of use

  • rub/hold the strips between the palms of your hands to “melt” the wax for about 10/15 seconds (their directions says 5 seconds but I think it needs a bit more)
  • apply the strip in the direction of the hair growth (towards your toes)
  • press down on strip a few times almost “wiping over it” (pushes out air bubbles and melts the wax some more)
  • pull the strip off in the opposite direction that you put it on – against the hair
  • hold the skin down and do it quickly (also minimises discomfort)


  • The convenience is a big factor for me and these are super convenient – I could even pack a few when travelling without it taking up much space/weight
  • I had no redness/bumps/any kind of reaction
  • Compared to going to a salon this costs about half the price and could give at least 2 half leg waxes – big win!


  • They worked great – all the hair was gone! Again, I have to say I’m not very hair so there wasn’t much work to do, but all the hair that was there was gone.
  • The pain was… zero – this was a major surprise (I was prepared for some) but again, could be because I’m just not that hairy…


  • More of a wish list than a loathe but I would have liked the strips to be bigger to get the job done quicker on the leg area. That said these are designed for bikini, underarm and leg area so to find a balance between three, this would probably be a good compromise


I used 6/7 strips to do a half leg (i.e. both legs). You could probably use a little less, but I was quite thorough..


Sorry if this is a bit gross, I just want to show it works, even on fine hair…


Ta da! I liked the shine too…

If I ran the brand

  • I’d make bigger strips for lazy people like me! 🙂

Need to know

  • You can reuse each strip till it loses its stickiness – I found this to be after 2-3 rounds
  • It also comes in 2 other variants for sensitive and dry skins (would love to try this one)
  • If you have bits of wax left on your legs the perfect finish wipes will clear it up easily (PS you can use one wipe of both legs, they’re quite saturated)
  • The RSP is anywhere between R52 & R65 depending on where you buy from…

Oh & you can probably tell from the pics I sat on our lounge floor doing this (had no idea if it would be messy/not) and I dropped a strip (with the wax side facing down) on our nguni hide carpet, so ja lets just say this stuff works! See their website for more info.

It’s almost summer ladies! How are you planning to get rid of the body hair you don’t want?




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