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Warm & Glad – food, media culture & coffee

I know I start at least half my blog posts like this but I had been meaning to go to Warm & Glad (W&G) forever and thank goodness for my blogger friend Pippa J who arranged a meeting there a while back or I probably still wouldn’t have been (thanks Pippa!). We had our meeting over drinks I rushed off to do run some errands and then came back later that day to try the menu (yeah the staff looked at me like “did you forget something?”)…


 I love the dark green interior against the wood


Plenty of seating and I like that they cater for people dining alone with seating at the bar/counter and at the window


  • If you haven’t guessed already – the décor! It’s a really quirky & interesting, creative space.
  • I saw on the menu that they also serve my favourite Paul Ballen’s Homemade Ice-cream – you need to have the salted caramel
  • Free wi-fi! (when is this going to be legislated?)


  • There’s a cool vibe in the place since many people are in & out using it as a “coffice”  (coffee office) a word I learned via Dion Chang 🙂
  • Loads of coffee shops/restaurants say their stuff is organic and they support local business etc. but you need to understand the lengths these guys go to. (Also I love their sense of humour)
  • At least half the floor space at W&G is retail space called RAD (obviously) where they sell “a bunch of stuff.  Books, vinyl, prints, denim, sneakers, sunglasses and whatever else we’re into. We hope that other people are into this stuff too…”. It is pretty cool, the stock is quite unique. I spent over an hour in there…


  • not a darn thing – except maybe that I didn’t feel cool enough to be there 🙂

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals to have out and its also a tough one to make interesting. And more so when I don’t do bacon or red meat (since the latter’s not generally halaal). Also I don’t do sweet breakfasts (flapjacks etc) and I don’t do cold breakfasts either fruit salad, yoghurt etc. I don’t mean to be complicated but I am! I had the breakfast that came recommended on the menu: scrambled eggs with avo, fried tomato & a splodge of crème fraiche. While I did enjoy it, it was as interesting as scrambled eggs with avo, fried tomato & crème fraiche could possibly be…


W&G’s breakfast recommendation


I know I’m spoilt when I expect latte art as a standard 🙂


Now for the “culture” bit in W&G’s slogan…






If I ran the place

  • I’d have longer trading hours on weekends (see point #2 below) – just thinking out loud…

Need to know

  • Before I went for the 1st time, I always wondered where on earth W&G is and you’ve probably driven past it on Jan Smuts a million times like me. The main thing you need to know is its on the 1st floor of this obscure little design hub of a building…
  • They are close quite early on Saturdays (12:30) & are closed on Sundays (this may be why its taken me so long to get there)
  • Oh & parking is tricky…


PS their website does say they’re planning to extend their hours since they recently got a liquor license, so lets see…

Be back soon for something a little more adventurous. I’m thinking the fig jam or the avo & camembert salad and maybe a cup of TWG tea from Singapore. And I’ll be taking the hubby next time  – he moaned when I confessed I went without him! 🙂



Warm & Glad

357 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall, 2196

011 781 0455



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