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Dear salons, you’re doing my hair wrong!

It’s been a while since I did a fro update. And that’s mostly because I’m trying to just let my hair be. My hair goals remain unchanged:

  1. health &
  2. length (& in that order)

So as my fro has been growing it’s gone in all different shapes and directions (depending on the day). I mean its BIG and most days I love it but it began to feel more & more lopsided for lack of a better word and not-so-stylish. And it was particularly evident when I wore my hair out, i.e. au naturel & free of clips, hair bands etc which is how I like to wear it. Then there was no hiding it.

So all I really wanted was a bit of a “shaping” so that it had more of a style per se. Now I have felt like this once before but I was dissuaded from letting a scissors near my hair and rightly so, but this time it was time.

So I tried calling two hairdressers, the one who did my big chop back in 2012 and another one I was just curious to try for a while. Both had left the salons I had met them at and moved to new ones. I called their respective new salons and they’d since left there too. My stalker tendencies led me to both of their cell numbers and they told me they were now freelancing and only did house calls.


Since it’d taken me so long to make a decision and reach this point, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I called a salon that I had a voucher for a treatment at and asked if they had anyone who could do ethnic hair well. Two hours later in was in the salon chair.  The hairdresser was actually really lovely and listened as I laid out my case.

I left her with one message: Even things out, give me some shape but most importantly I do not want to loose any more length than I need to.

From the title of this post you already know that things went south. And as a matter of public service I’ve decided to collate in this single blog post everything that went wrong. Feel free to send this to your hairdresser ahead of your next appointment:

  • I’ll allow the sulphate shampoo (I am not unreasonable) buy why oh why are you shampooing my hair twice?  It really isn’t dirty at all, promise.
  • Why is the water so hot – this is bad for anyone’s hair – you know that right?
  • You don’t plan to use conditioner on my hair? You need a new plan…
  • That fine toothed comb you have in your hand. Where do you think you’re putting that?
  • You don’t have a wide toothed comb? What *exactly* do you mean?
  • I don’t understand why you’re drying my hair off with that towel so. Damn. Hard. I’m not a wet labrador & I’m not trying to run away (yet) promise.
  • Blow dry? Blow dry who? Blow dry what? Who said anything about blow drying? You’re cutting my hair curly – did you miss that part at the beginning?
  • No thank you, I don’t want that 99% silicone product “to finish off” my hair. Yes I know its fancy & expensive – do you have any coconut oil maybe?


My fro that night at dinner (I went there straight from the salon). I wasn’t really in the mood for a photo shoot but glad the hubby snapped this anyway. My hair was poofy every single one of my curls had been annihilated. I tried to hide behind the menu as much as I could. But on the upside there wasn’t too much length off either.

Ok I feel better now that I got it all out. Truth be told the cut/shaping itself was ok. Just ok. I wasn’t blown away but I didn’t leave I in tears because she got scissors-happy which was my worst fear. My shape’s better. She took off probably around 3-5cms in depending, which is fine – I can have that back in 2-3 months easy. And anyway I knew I could go home, do my thing and get my curls back in an instant which isn’t how I should be thinking as I’m sitting in the salon, but hey.

I must say that there were some positives – a comfy, oversized massage chair at the basin working some knots out of my back (which really they put there). I also liked that they put me under the steamer (I;m a major fan of steaming) for about 15/20 minutes with the treatment on my hair. Coffee/tea/water would have been nice.

I’m sure that the hairdresser (did I mention she was lovely?) was as frustrated with me as I was with the situation except that I left the salon a couple of hundred bucks down. I really didn’t want to be that client telling her how to do her job but there was no other way. I was in damage control mode.

Anyway there really was just one lesson for the day…


Be kind to my hair!


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