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I got some falsies (& I love them)!

So I do regularly count my blessings and being born practically hairless is usually on that list. But it comes with definite downsides like needing lashings of mascara. All. The. Time. I’m still looking for the perfect one – please recommend away…

I’ve always looked at Indian women with an absurd amount of envy – I want those caterpillar eyebrows dammit! Even my husband has way, way longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows than me. It’s just not fair!

I tried a lashing lengthening/thickening product Rapid Lash for a +- 2 months (about R600 for a month’s supply at the time) in the run up to getting married and it did work but as soon I stopped using it, the effects wore off too (I don’t know what I was expecting!). So of course getting eyelash extensions seemed like an easy way out but I’d also heard all the horror stories of it breaking off your own lashes. I mean I hardly have any, I couldn’t afford that!

So with an event coming up recently, I decided to bite the bullet and try some eyelash extensions out. I already knew I didn’t want the ones on a strip – it didn’t look natural at all. I also knew I wasn’t going to go the DIY route on something like this. Bless you ladies who can do you own bikini waxes, cut your own hair etc. – I just don’t have those skills.

I booked in at my trusty Pyramid Day Spa since I knew I’d seen them advertise it and asked a gazillion questions on the phone all of which they answered well leaving me very comfortable. They use premium lashes from The Lash Collection and have just 1/2 therapists specially trained to do the application. Here’s how they turned out…


Before and after – voila! I have long luscious lashes!

When you book, they tell you it takes 2-3 hours. So let me tell you a bit about the process…


  • I loved the way my lashes came out – I was a happy customer indeed!
  • The natural look comes from the fact that the falsies are actually applied close to the base of your own individual lashes (top lid only by the way) – also explains why it takes so long


  • You get to choose the length of your lashes! I’m wearing 9mm on the inside of my eye and 12mm towards the centre & outer lid. The range is from 8mm up to 16mm – depends on the look you are going for.
  • It’s relatively painless to get them put on. I had some slight burning in my right eye for a few minutes but I can’t honestly say for sure if it was because of this process (maybe some glue got into my eye – not sure)
  • There’s no formaldehyde and the glue used is a) black so it disappears and b) quick drying
  • There’s no need for mascara at all. Wake up and go! Ok, ok I usually add a bit of BB cream and blusher and then I’m good to go


  • The only thing I didn’t like was having to sit still for so long. I’m spectacularly bad at it. I felt really bad for my therapist because I was quite fidgety. In the end it went quicker than expected, a little over 2 hours.
  • Ok maybe one more thing. Your bottom lashes are “taped down” (the white strips in the pic) to make sure they don’t stick to the top ones. It’s uncomfy at 1st but you soon forget about it & anyway its well worth the result!


If I ran the place

  • Guaranteed you’d find me with these lashes on. All. The. Time.

My hubby noticed my lashes immediately (success!) but I was most surprised when a waitress complimented me on them one day too. I tried hard not to flutter my lashes in response lol!

Need to know

  • A full set (i.e. when you go for the 1st time) costs R550.
  • A fill (I did mine two weeks later) costs R200 (mine took about 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • You can choose to get your fill done 3 weeks later (R300) or 4 weeks later (R400) – up to you
  • After a fill you need to give your own lashes a rest before having a full set done again. You can either wait for the lashes to fall off on their own or come in & have them removed.

For the 1st night you need to sleep on your back all the time (I tried and I have no idea if I succeeded). You must avoid oil based make up removers around the eye area but you can wash your face as nomal in the shower – just be gentle around the eye area (no rubbing etc.) Also, you get a brush (looks like a mascara brush) to take home and need to brush the lashes every morning and evening (again I tried but I did remember at least once a day). And whatever you do, don’t pull on your lashes. Even if it looks like one lash is starting to fall out, just let it be!

I must also mention I’m a contact lens wearer full time (even while I was having these applied/installed) – another reason I was hesitant but I had no issues at all…

I couldn’t afford to do this ongoing (though I love the look) but for an event or special occasion its a definite yes from me. Oh & my own lashes are 100% fine!


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