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Mama Mio gets a make over + QuickStart shower gel review

If you’ve heard of Mama Mio you’ll know them as the pregnancy brand many women swear by. Well no more. Don’t worry, many women still swear by it but they’ve nipped and tucked their offering. Mio is now the range suitable for everyone (i.e. you don’t need to be preggers) and Mama Mio is the pregnancy line both falling under the over-arching Mio banner.

The other thing the brand is synonymous with is healthy skin, with their ongoing tag line “Fit Skin for Life”. No surprises then that for this launch we were invited to a Yoga Warriors Studio in Rosebank. Now I’m not into yoga (though I tried once – allured by the body on some of the ladies I know who do it). So I went along in my comfiest clothes trying my best not to look amateur-ish. Literally within a minute of arriving my cover was busted when I tried to enter the studio with my shoes on (who knew!?).

Anyway, I wanted to show you the moves that our yogi (that’s the yoga instructor for the uninitiated like yours truly) showed us. There was too much light in the room for good pics but you can see her silhouette and you’ll get the idea…

20140306_094703  Just getting warmed up…



Can you say f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e?


And then things got cray quickly!

I could actually hear the murmurs in the room when she did the last move. Nothing short of amazing. I think I secretly didn’t really believe yoga was a “proper” workout, but by the dripping sweat on our yogi after 15 minutes I retract that thought! We tried a few (much gentler!) moves after her demo and then I got a sample of the QuickStart Shower Gel ( a new product) to try at home …

Before I get into the review, I also got to meet one of the founding ladies behind the brand Sian Sutherland back in 2012 on a trip out to SA and tried my 1st one of their products for review. Check out those posts here.


Mio’s QuickStart Shower Gel, R415 for 200ml

In terms of scent its on the menthol side so it’s definitely unisex (errr that doesn’t mean I’m sharing!). You need very little (like less than a teaspoon) to get your whole body clean so it is very concentrated.


  • The no.1 thing to love about Mama Mio & Mio ranges is that they just don’t put any junk in the bottle!
  • In terms of ingredients, its sulphate free (which is almost unheard of – a harsh cleansing agent used in anything from detergents to shampoo, face washes etc.). If you read the hair ‘fro section of my blog you’ll know that I always look for sulphate free shampoos (not so easy to find generally) but a sulphate free shower gel is a 1st for me – well done!
  • In case you’re wondering the QuickStart Shower Gel does still lather up luxuriously (call me old school but I like seeing the foam/bubbles psychologically to feel clean – it’s an OCD thing!) but they’ve used coconut derived cleansers instead which have the additional benefit of being moisturising.


  • Ingredients need another mention – think spearmint oil (soothes), witch hazel extract (natural antibacterial agent, balances PH & is an anti oxidant), organic lemon extract (brightens & stimulates skin), organic grapefruit extract (vitamin C) and caffeine (a natural stimulant).
  • On top of all of that is something called V Tonic – (found in some of their other products too) – basically a mix of natural oils (spearmint leaf, citrus lemon peel oil, cypress leaf, menthol and lavender) – ya so I wasn’t exaggerating when I said its packed with good stuff.


  • That they don’t yet have an online store in SA 🙁 The UK online store has a lot detailed product info (which I like) & offers free delivery, a 10% off for life and birthday gifts – very nice!

Between the Mio and Mama Mio ranges they’ve added some new products, discontinued some & the packaging’s also gotten cleaner. What they haven’t lost is the pursuit of high performance skin care coupled with their belief in exercise and their h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s sense of humour. If you need a giggle just pick up one of the bottles/packaging inserts – they don’t take themselves too seriously.

If I ran the brand

  • Can we get that online store? 🙂

Need to know

  • One thing to point out on the QuickStart Shower Gel – if you’re showering in the evenings right before bed the scent may “wake you up” a little too much so I’d keep this for the mornings and those post gym sessions rather.
  • Mio is available for retail sale as well as spa treatments at selected premium spa’s.

Have a wonderful loooong weekend you guys! Rest well…



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