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The lazy way to soft feet with Milk Solutions…

I notice feet. On everyone. I do. And I really wish I didn’t. Because you know, sometimes they’re not pretty 🙁

That said I struggle to stay on top of the state of my own feet most time. Going for pedi’s is great but I couldn’t afford it every week, so instead I’ve invested in a string of at home products to do the DIY thing (when I can muster the time/energy).

I first came across the Milk Solutions brand, for spa and at home use back in about 2011 I think. I went on a nail technician’s course (yes really I did!) and this was the brand that the school used so I knew when I received it recently that it’s quality stuff. I got sent the Milk Solutions foot file (full size) with the Milk & Honey Heel Peel & Milk & Honey Milk Soak Therapy. I’m not going to lie, I was most excited about the Heel Peel as I’d seen these “medi pedi” products before but didn’t know get how they worked.


Heel Peel contents: the alkaline wash (100 ml), spatula, mini foot file (& gloves not shown here) all R300. I also got the full size foot file…


Milk Soak Therapy R180 (250ml)

Ok so how do you use the system?

  1. apply a thick layer of the Heel Peel (i.e. the alkaline solution) on clean feet with the supplied spatula on problem areas
  2. leave for about 10 minutes (don’t wrap feet) and then scrape off the solution (use a bit of pressure) with the edge of the spatula
  3. file feet where needed to ensure smoothness (I didn’t)
  4. soak feet using the Milk Soak Therapy for 10/15 minutes (or longer if you want more pampering)
  5. as an optional extra you can then follow-up their exfoliating cream/scrub mask at this point (I didn’t)
  6. the last step is to follow-up with their heel balm – I used my regular foot cream

The Heel Peel is definitely the hero product of this lot. So you apply this gel-like solution to your feet & it makes them soft? Really? Yes! The alkaline wash dissolves the protein bonds between the layers of dead skin (i.e. the hard nasty looking bits), causing dry skin to dehydrate further so it can be then effectively & easily be removed (with the spatula).


  • My feet weren’t that bad to start off with and I probably used an even thinner layer of the Heel Peel than I should have (in retrospect) but it still worked really well. So well in fact that when I stepped into the shower later that day I almost slipped, my feet were that smooth.
  • Because of how soft my feet felt after just the Heel Peel alone, I didn’t feel like I needed to file my feet, so I skipped it (yay to no manual labour!)


  • Heel Peel aside, there’s a choice of scents, I choose their classic Milk and Honey because I thought it would be less overpowering and more natural and while I hasn’t smelled the others, I liked this one. I made for a good change vs. the usual peppermint scents that most foot products come in.
  • I’m a huge fan of travel sizes so I liked that I got both options with the foot file – especially if you need to do touch up on the go while travelling or at the gym etc.


  • Maybe more of a watch out – it was a little awkward sitting with the Heel Peel on for 10 minutes initially as you don’t want your feet to “touch” anything in that time. Tip: use a low/small foot stool at the edge of your couch and just let your feet rest and dangle off them. In no time 10 minutes will be over.

So first off I wasn’t sure where in the house I should try these products out – I was initially thinking the shower but that would work for the foot soak, so I decided to do it on the couch with some towels (& TV on in the background for entertainment!). I reckon I could have still filed my feet off a bit but the Heel Peel results on its own was honestly enough for me.

If I ran the brand

  •  I’d have baby soft feet 24/7 obviously!

Need to know

  • Don’t be tempted to skip the Milk Soak Therapy – it’s an important part of neutralizing the Heel Peel.
  • For severely callused feet, Heel Peel can be used every 2 weeks
  • Heel Peel is not suitable for people with diabetes, cancer or open wounds/cracked heels.

I liked that I didn’t have to go through the arm workout of filing my feet and having the dust go everywhere (gross right?). I’ll be using my Heel Peel sparingly! I reckon I can get about 10 applications from the bottle, which at R300, is the price of 1 pedi at the salon 🙂

You can find the Milk Solutions range online or at selected spa’s…



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