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fro turns 2! And my biggest vice…

So my 2 year big chop anni came & went in Feb & I wasn’t really planning an update post but a few of people asked and so here goes!


A recent wash-&-go using only Kiehls’ Superbly Argan Smoothing Hair Pak (a deep conditioner).  (PS Please pardon my bare face & healing cold sore!)

If I don’t organise my thoughts we could be here a while, so this is what’s in my head (re what’s on my head):

1. With length comes work!

Completely logical yet I kind of didn’t expect it. As my hair’s gotten longer I’m getting away with less & less. e.g. days of sleeping without my hair wrapped or a satin pillow case are long gone. I wish I’d appreciated the freedom of shorter hair more. These days I have to actively make time for my hair. Doing it while I watch my favourite TV show definitely helps and makes it feel like less work.

2. I like my hair ‘out’

In 2 years I haven’t done any protective styles  & I’ve realised it’s because I like seeing/feeling my own curls everyday (as I’m writing this I’m thinking this may sound a bit vain but I’m hoping you know what I mean). One thing I am thinking about though is corn rows just to change things up a little bit even if it’s just for a few days. The weather is fast getting really cold for this though, should have thought about this sooner.

And here’s what I’m working on:

1. Simplify

Yes us bloggers are largely to blame for this. There’s a “how to” post on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I log onto YouTube and suddenly half the day has gone! 🙁

2. Product overload

This is linked to above point and I’ve talked about it before. If I bought nothing right now I’d probably have products for the next 2-3 years. In. Sane. I still have products back from when I was relaxed. Of course I am most overstocked on shampoos. One thing I have no problem with though and that’s saying no to products I think aren’t well formulated – I’m happy to experiment but I’m taking calculated risks over here.

3. I’m still not happy with my shape

Remember that salon visit? I’m still sussing them out but I may have found another place to do some reshaping. I’ve had a consultation and wash & go from the stylist which wasn’t perfect but the best I’ve had so far. I’ll let you know how it turns out if I go through with it. PS if anyone wants to sponsor me to visit the Shai Amiel (aka the Curl Doctor) in California please shout and soon! 🙂

4. Hair envy

Sorry, no advice here – I’m not over this have. Have you seen Tracee Ellis Ross?

5. I’m my hair’s worst enemy

Here’s my dirty little secret: I can’t keep my hands off my hair. It’s almost like a reflex. When I’m driving, watching TV, heck even as I’m writing this post my hands find  their way into my hair. Truth be told it started 1 year in when I had enough length. I run my fingers through my hair and “detangle” (read rip through) knots or otherwise find fairy knots (I have zillions!) and break them off at the right at knot. For some reason I do this more on the left side and to the point that I even noticed a thinning patch that I had to comb over 🙁 I have resolved to quit and go cold turkey so many days but maybe a protective style will actually do the trick.

One thing that I didn’t expect that’s been super rewarding is being able to help people around me with their hair. I’m always careful not to dispense unsolicited advice – there’s a fine line. One of my bff’s had been struggling with her little girl’s hair and we’ve had many hour long WhatsApp chats re what do with me sending her products pic etc.  Even guys have been asking for help (including my own!) – love that!

So that’s me! I’m taking it easy. I’m not doing length checks. I’m (still) 100% off heat. Just aiming to give the ‘fro consistent TLC.

PS if you haven’t already do check out the South African Naturals Facebook group for great discussions and hair inspiration. We just hit 1000 members in only a year!

Be kind to your hair (much kinder than I am to mine)!



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