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A yellow rose

A couple of days ago I was in a store, rushed, needing to pee & paying for a few things. A had double parked so I guessed I had to run in though I really didn’t feel like it. At. All. I’m standing there in my tatty dress, hair standing on end, slip slops, sans make up

Eat This #1: Creamy Seasonal Mushrooms on Toast with Parmesan

I’m starting something new on the food front over here. Sometimes I just want to tell you about something so insanely delicious that it immediately goes on my mental list of “I-have-to-come-back-here-asap-&-get a whole-lot-more-of this-stuff” as soon as I’m a few bites in. And by the end of the meal it takes a good amount of

The Feminist Stovkel presents: Texture Discrimination – The Problem with Kaff*r Hare

Guys, even just typing the subject of this post… So. Many. Emotions. But we’re going there. We need to… I visited the venue for our upcoming third Hair Soiree, The Women’s Gaol (Jail) at Constitution Hill for the first time today (I’m more than a little ashamed since I lived 2kms away for 3 years) – an incredibly

Photo post: Victoria Falls

When I found myself really, really torn about the last overpriced (business class!) seat on a flight to Vic Falls I realised just how much I wanted to go. Ironically we went a few weeks ago at the height of all the xenophobic violence in SA. I felt more than a bit bad being there, hoping no

Another local winner – Suki Suki Naturals

A couple of weeks ago the most beautifully packaged local hair care line I’d ever seen crossed my desk – meet Suki Suki Naturals. Not even going to lie – these gorgeous brown glass bottles had my attention immediately and whereas I’d usually park deliveries on my desk for a bit I grabbed them & started reading the labels and

Feminist Stokvel Movie Club Launches: La Noir de

Only a  couple of weeks ago The Feminist Stokvel had our inaugural event. We promised there was more to come & the FSFlim Club is just a start… A little sneak peak: The press release right off the FS desk (this is the 1st & last press release you’ll find on my blog but

When it rains it friggin’ pours

I’ve been delaying writing this note for a couple of days now. Well… because in the battle of balancing online vs. real life, I don’t quite know what to say… Life happened. Real life happened & what I learned about myself is that I only have the headspace/will/energy to deal with one big thing at a time. And

RIP my Sofia

On Saturday morning the 18th April I was in bed thinking “just 5 more minutes” when I should have been up polishing my Hair Soiree talk. A stumbled back into our room having just offered to make breakfast. I remember thinking “well that was quick!?”. My contacts weren’t in yet. He was a blur but I

Feminist Stokvel Hair Soiree: 2nd edition: Hairlineonology

We’re doing it again! Be kind to your hair! W

Feminist Stokvel Hair Soiree – Product Recommendations

Hey ladies! I promised to share the products I brought along to our 19th March Inaugrual Feminist Stokvel Hair Soiree last week already (sorry!). It’s been some work to compile but here you go… This is just what I brought along & doesn’t of course include what the other 7 ladies brought but there is enough