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So Emma’s not well…

I literally cannot think about anything else.

It feels like I was just writing this post telling y’all that she’s been with us a year and she’s doing great and she’s cuter and naughtier than ever and and and…

And a few weeks later in June, things started to change slowly. It wasn’t that noticeable at the beginning. She was less active and less sociable (with us) preferring to just find a quiet spot and sleep all day. One Sunday night I was watching her sleep on the couch while we were watching TV and it looked like her breathing had slowed all the way down. I doubted myself thinking she’s just turned a year and isn’t a kitten anymore so of course she shouldn’t be an energetic and playful. She’s a big kitty now! I also knew I was scarred from what happened to Sofia so I didn’t want to overreact because of that. We rushed her to the emergency vet that Sunday night anyway.

The initial prognosis was that she had some sort of injury/fracture and the end of her spine. Probably a cat fight the emergency vet said. Her gave her an injection for the pain and inflammation and the next morning we went to her regular vet who said pretty much the same thing. She got another injection and was sent home to heal. Also, she was to be under house arrest.


By mid July it was worse and we did some x rays. No ways this could be a cat fight the vet said. It looks like major impact. A very bad fall or she was hit by a car (here’s where I’m trying not to cry and actually have to ask him for a chair because my legs have turned to jelly). Injection and some mild meds to take home. And she’s under house arrest still.

By early September we’re back at the vet. More x rays confirm that not only is it not healing but its actually gotten worse. The vet tells me he’s consulted with a specialist vetinary surgeon (in my mind I’m like whaaaaat?!). And they’ve decided to put her on an anti depressant (for the pain) as a last resort else they’ll look at a surgical intervention (luckily this time round I got myself a chair before the vet started talking). She’s a fighter he says. We got ourselves one tough kitten. We get a week’s supply of said anti depressants and need to report back if it works or not. It doesn’t work. I call back  3 weeks later and lie (mostly to myself) and say I think its helping a bit and go collect another months supply.

Because. How. Can. They. Cut. Open. My. Kitten? Just no!

In the middle of all this we head to Mauritius for a few days and I board her with the lovely ladies at Cataholics (argh the guilt!) where she usually goes and where I adopted her and Sofia from. They’re briefed and the meds and are happy to administer (thank you Ari and Merien!). We’ve never seen her like this they say. We were thinking about to take her to the vet ourselves…

By the beginning of October when we’d been home for a few days she was immobile – didn’t leave her bed. Stopped eating except for a teaspoon or two of wet food I hand fed her and a bit of water with a syringe. And as a result, hardly any peeing or pooing. No grooming. No purring. She’s growling and hissing when we come near her. Fangs out. Screaming when we do pick her up. I’ll never forget that high pitched sound. One night, the lights were out (she sleeps in our room) and I heard a dull thud as she fell from her bed onto the floor (about 40cm). When I turned the lights on she was just laying there on the floor. No attempt to get back up & seemingly and unable to move her lower half as if she was lame in her hind legs. That was a really long night.


So off we go to see the specialist veterinary surgeon last week. A third round of x rays (their machines are more cutting edge so we’ll be able to see more they say). Yup, could be a fracture from a car accident/very bad fall thats healing badly. Could also be some kind of birth deformity thats coming out now as she’s growing – we’ll never really know they say. They show me on the x ray how she’s got extra bone mass growing on her last vertebra that shouldn’t be there and is most likely pinching some nerves causing the excruciating pain.

So now what? She needs and MRI they say. I honestly don’t even know what an MRI really is except that it sounds serious and is a big medical word they use on Greys Anatomy a lot. I didn’t know animals could get MRI’s. Heck, I didn’t know there were specialist veterinary surgeons you could be referred to. X rays show up bones but MRI’s show everything they tell me – bones, tissue, nerves and much, much clearer and they need to see that to understand if it’s operable.

IF it’s operable.

So MRI’s happen at the local (human!) private hospital and just isn’t something we can afford to do. So she’s home after (another) injection and on a course of some (pretty serious) meds. The specialist vet said they’ve only ever seen this in dogs and specifically German Shepards so they had to formulate a dosage and cocktail of drugs for her tiny 3.4kg frame. She stays under house arrest. And I’m watching her like a hawk. Obviously.


So that’s Emma. Send kitty prayers please.




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