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Emma Anderson

I’ve not wanted to write this post for the longest time for fear of jinxing things.

Emma’s doing good. More than good. She couldn’t be better actually. She’s chasing moths, biting me, running around the house at top speed crashing into things, killing birds & lizards, moaning to be let outside (or for a soft food treat – who knows…), climbing trees & just generally being the absolute centre of joy in our home.


She’s perfect. And I haven’t wanted to allow myself to say or think that for fear of her illness that hit last year returning as inexplicably as it hit. But I’ve finally packed all her meds away, chatted to her regular & specialist vet & taken her for a checkup & vaccinations. She’s only just gained the weight back that she’d lost and everything’s good. And I’m breathing lighter albeit cautiously.

Her vet took me by surprise when he paused to thanked me for bringing her by recently. Her said that in his line of work 9.5 out of 10 times he only sees animals who are in distress and that I’d made his day by bringing her in to see him again, whole, healthy, rambunctious & having come full circle… unrecognisable from the cowering kitten he’d seen a few months back at the start of all this. And then I could see him tearing and my eyes started to fill up as well.

So many people have come up to me/wrote me/DMed me asking how she was doing. I was taken aback every single time. I mean, I was really happy with life as the crazy cat lady and I felt incredibly moved and loved that so many people cared too. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I also want to send a ton of love to two friends who lost their beloved kitten and cat earlier this month – incidentally on the same day. I’d never met Chinua or Gandalf but every single picture of them and seeing your faces when you spoke about them made me heart smile so much. You’ve made me pull Emma closer the last few days and love on her a just a little bit extra – thank you for that. May you and they find peace…




As I write this its 2:10am and Emma’s laying at my feet, squinting at me, licking her paw and falling in and out of sleep intermittently.

She’s just my favourite living thing on this earth.


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