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Missing TransformHERS…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was starting an exercise program with TransformHERS. I’ve been meaning to write an update post but you know how it goes…

The camp came to an end last week, after 12 x 1 hour sessions of 3 times a week over a month. We trained on the Northcliff High School grounds close to Cresta (you can choose from 4/5 locations). It brought back such memories of school & phys ed for me. Except that this time around (I went to a girls school) no one was pitching up with sick notes or claiming that they had their period & couldn’t train 🙂 For more on how TransformHers works, check here.

 182539_393993690632887_173468480_n  Warming up with a short jog

My hesitation around signing up initially was threefold:

  1. my (un)fitness
  2. my (lack of) committment
  3. the location, Northcliff (not that convenient)

Then I happened to see a deal on Wicount where the cost had been discounted from R500 to R200 & that was the final nudge that I needed – I’m frugal like that 😉

551523_393993567299566_666882890_nThey really worked us!

So…how did it go? It needs to be said upfront that bar doing some running/walking for about 2 weeks ahead of starting TransformHERS I’d had a fully sedentary lifestyle up to then – and it showed!

The sessions were really good – we switched between cardio & agility/strength training. I only missed 1 of the 12 sessions & only because I had to attend a launch/event I was invited to for my blog. I actually looked forward to every session & I know its crazy but sometimes I even wished there was a 4th session in a week!

The camps were really professionally run & the trainers aren’t just sports fanatics but actually qualified trainers & really passionate about fitness in their own lives too.  And be warned this workout hurts. Everywhere. More so the next morning, but as everyone told told me, that right there is proof that its working 🙂

I was am severely unfit, coming in last (ok sometimes second last) for most activities but I really was ok with it. I’m glad I (without really planning it) started the running/walking a few weeks before joining TransformHERS or things would have been way worse.

481687_393993633966226_750205064_nWhat a great bunch of ladies!

The best part of TransformHERS is the diverse bunch of ladies – mothers & even grandmothers – the eldest was 54! We had so many laughs & really spurred each other on. Two of the ladies even signed their mum’s up for the camp & so they’d train together – I loved that & it made me miss my mom & it made me think about her health & wellness a lot. Lucky for her she’s in Cape Town so I can’t sign her up for the next round 😉

21798_393993870632869_911170710_nCooling down & stretching after an awesome session

Within the 1st week of TransformHERS & then again on the last day we do what’s called ‘Test Day’ where we do a fitness test of sorts as a before & after to see our progress. Here’s how I did:

Before: 15th Nov
After: 13th Dec
Difference %
800m (timed)
Sit ups
# completed in 60   secs
Push ups
# completed in 60   secs
Overall improvement

Weight lost – none sadly (no cm’s either if you’re wondering)! But I must also be honest & say that my eating wasn’t perfect. It’s much better than it was before – zero take out & fried foods but my nemesis is tea & biscuits in the evening while I blog – help!

Some of the ladies attending TransformHERS are really fit & quite competitive. In the end though I realised that you are only competing with yourself. How hard I pushed myself or whether I just milled along in each session was entirely up to me – this of course is true of life in general though.

I’m sad that TransformHERS has come to end for the year just as my fitness bug starts to bite, so I’m trying to get creative to keep the momentum going – I don’t want this to be a phase or worse, a new year’s resolution…

If you’re keen to try out TransformHERS they have a Jan special running for R350 – I’m undecided, but I might see you there!

Have a healthy holiday!


PS pictures courtesy of the TransformHERS Facebook page

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