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Meridian Spa review & my 1st Dermalogicia experience

This morning (or yesterday morning by the time you read this) as I was driving to Meridian Spa (already a few minutes late), led by my GPS through the Bryanston neighbourhood, pretty sure I was on the very wrong track and then suddenly “you have reached your destination on your right”.  I looked up, saw the spa’s signs & pulled in rather relieved but in a flurry. I walked in, felt the temperature (well above what it was outside) & saw this… 20140729_131657

Meridian Spa is a day spa that’s just 2 months old but runs so well you wouldn’t think they were quite so brand spanking new. They’re right in the heart of lush Bryanston, nestled among those huge gorgeous homes. The property is huge (I’m going to guess close to 2 acres) & surrounded by gardens on all sides. They’re a full service spa (including aesthetic treatments) keeping all the big brands you’d expect & even some I’d not heard of.


1st stop – the pedi station for a foot ritual…

I’d been invited by the spa as well as Dermalogica (one of the major stocked brands) for their Microzone Treatment & my choice of a hand/foot ritual. I was a complete Dermalogica virgin (yes really!) apart from have their face mapping done at a launch recently & that’s why I was most keen to attend.

I opted for the foot ritual & I immediately got settled into the pedi chair in front of the fireplace. Soon a warm towel, tea & rusks, a blanket & not one but two heated bean bags arrived. So you can understand when half an hour later I could hardly get up out of the oversized chair! A foot/had ritual is basically like manicure/pedicure without the painting & spalicious products are used (you get a choice of scent, I went for the grapefruit & thyme). I honestly used to think this was such a waste of time (no pretty nails to show for it?!) but in the last 2 months since I’ve hectically abusing my hands & feet moving house & renovating I totally, totally get it!

The Microzone Treatment I’m sure, like me you’ve seen advertised in spa’s plenty but I still didn’t really quite know what it was. Put simply it’s a mini, targeted facial for a specific concern when you don’t want to have a full facial or can be used in between (full/regular) facials & takes just 20 minutes. I outlined my concerns to the therapist (T zone congestion being the main one). Basically if I pressed down on my skin in these areas (& sometimes even if I didn’t), white gunk would come out. To me it was very visible & a major eyesore. Gross right?!


  • I expected to pull up at some sort of mall/value centre & Meridian Spa could not be further from that. The blue accent walls, the fireplaces (there are three!), wooden floors, gardens, giant fish tank all lend themselves to major relaxation and calmness from the moment you walk in.


  • I love the luxury touches of the wooden oversized pedi chairs and (heated) massage tables  & the fact that they really made such an effort to keep me warm. The bean bags were a first  -very nice touch…
  • Both the therapists who did my respective treatments were very knowledgeable. Gladys (who says she’s the best in Joburg!) & I chatted about the benefits of filing feet down while still dry (i.e. before  you shower/soak – so many people do it after) for best results. Sheilah who did my facial was telling me that that white gunk in my T Zone is actually called milia (trapped dead skin cells/product) & pretty common.


  • The only thing I would change is to build in more time to lounge around the spa instead of rushing off to another appointment like I had to. This is the kind of place you definitely want to take your time at. When it warms up I’d say pack a book & head to the garden/pool & just chill.


One of the larger treatment rooms. It’s huge!


I choose the geranium – apparently most people do…


Don’t you just want to climb in?!

I left Meridian Spa feeling toasty & like I had a new pair of feet. The win of the day though that my milia had cleared up very noticeably right after the treatment but even more so once my skin had settled & I had a proper look in natural light a few hours later. It was then that I realised I should have told Sheilah that I had some on my chin too (she didn’t do any extractions there) but that was also looking pretty clear & realised it wasn’t just the extractions but a combination of the steaming & products used as well.

I’ve said it before right here on this blog that I’m not a fan of facials because I don’t feel like they do anything (I mean really, there are cheaper ways to relax!). I’m a pay-for-results kind of person & results there were! Even if I don’t do full facials (although now I’m intrigued to try Dermalogica’s) I would definitely consider doing a Microzone Treatment say once a quarter at R400.

Well played, Dermalogica, well played! 🙂


PS I am off to another Dermalogica launch tomorrow today (we finally have a Jhb store in Rosebank) so more on that soon!

Meridian Spa 50 Queens Road, Bryanston


011 463 1801

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